MegaTrends: The new entrepreneur-king

April 15, 2011
When the market closed last night, Google Inc. reported its first-quarter financial results under the new management of Google co-founder and reinstated CEO, Larry Page. Page may be 12 years more experienced, but he is no less revolutionary. Not only is he pioneering a new ideal of an entrepreneur king, but he could very well »

Wang: Ai! Weiwei too much confusion

April 8, 2011
Ai Weiwei, a very high-profile Chinese artist and dissident, was accosted in a government crackdown last Sunday, April 3. Two days later, New York Times columnist Holland Cotter championed Ai Weiwei as a hero standing up against an oppressive regime. What could have been an exhausted and hackneyed argument was redeemed when Cotter presented Ai »

MegaTrends: Wiling the 100% Perfect Guy

April 1, 2011
Even in this modern era of non-committal, non-attachment arrangements, I still find my girlfriends yearning to find Mr. Right. They often say, “I wish I could find the 100 percent perfect guy,” but I wish they would take that statement to the logical next step: “In order to get the perfect guy, I must be »

MegaTrends: First Ladies, Second to None

February 25, 2011
Why do we celebrate the achievements of the men at the helm and forget about the triumphs of their partners? I propose that we have a First Ladies’ Day to complement Presidents’ Day. The holiday would serve as a way to remind ourselves that not only are our Presidents the most powerful men in the »

Megatrends: China as Rabbit, or Groupon’s Deal of the Day

February 11, 2011
Groupon has played a great game in the past two years. With an unbelievable investment of capital, a solid base of fans in every major city, and a team of incredibly driven people, they’ve expanded to over 40 countries and 250 cities. On pace to reach $1 billion in sales faster than any company has »

Megatrends: The serious business of gaming to learn

January 28, 2011
It’s quite possible that no single factor has ever played a larger role in augmenting the size of the hermit community than “World of Warcraft.” Since the launch of the Warcraft franchise in 1994, the game has made homebodies of more than 12 million gamers worldwide. And it’s quite the busy collection of bees, too, »

Megatrends: Responding to Chua

January 14, 2011
Let’s accept for a moment that Amy Chua is right. Let’s accept that Chinese children are, indeed, brought up in a manner that produces “stereotypically successful” kids. Let’s accept that these kids are a source of pride for their parents — but let’s understand that they also pose one of the biggest challenges for China. »

Wang: pro-wrestling prepares for the senate

November 12, 2010
Last week’s election saw a contested race between a Democrat and a WWE tycoon. Which got me thinking – to what extent does pro-wrestling prepare for the Senate? Or perhaps, the more fruitful question might be, how can modern-day politics be compared to spectator sports, and modern-day partisanship to spectator rivalries? I am not the »

Trick or treat? The Halloween gift economy

October 29, 2010
Anyone who says good fences make good neighbors has probably lived next to people like the boys down the hall from me. Although I often tolerated the mess in the bathroom left by the boys across the hall, I never actually interacted with the boys themselves. I was perfectly happy within the confines of my »

‘Wuthering’ weathers well

January 29, 2010
When it was first published in 1847, “Wuthering Heights” was scathed by the critics as “savage,” “animal-like” and “clumsy in construction.” Since then, “Wuthering Heights” has overcome these initial reactions to achieve the posthumous adoration of the public. The unlikely ascendancy of Emily Bronte’s only novel has recently been crowned by a surprising victory in »

Notable Quotables: 12.14.09

December 14, 2009
As final exams wear on, scenesters submit favorite quotes from their current studying endeavors. “I’ve been in the movie business since 1982, produced fourteen, fifteen movies. I’m used to all forms of deception and manipulation, but to have someone just outright chew your face, basically say, ‘I’m gonna fuck you because I can,’ that was »

Jane + Vermeer + NYC = <3

November 8, 2009
The new Jane Austen exhibit, “A Woman’s Wit: Jane Austen’s Life and Legacy,” at the Morgan Library in New York City is now open. This collection presents more than 100 works, including manuscripts, first editions of her books and personal letters. (And if you need an extra reason to go, the Morgan Library owns three »