James Salter

JAMES SALTER: novelist, traditionalist, seeker of clarity

September 13, 2013
This week, novelist James Salter is on campus as one of the nine recipients of the newly established Donald Windham-Sandy M. Campbell Literature Prizes. Salter, 88, has written five novels, sixteen screenplays, a memoir, and two short story collections. The Windham-Campbell prize citation states that his “elegantly natural prose has a precision and clarity which make ordinary words swing wide open.” Alec Joyner spoke with Salter on Thursday about the prize and his philosophies and methods as a writer.
Jean Dujardin stars as a handsome devil in "The Artist."

It’s high time to “make it new”

January 20, 2012
One nippy New York night over break, I ventured across Manhattan to see The Artist, the prohibitive favorite for the Best Picture Oscar, at the Paris Theatre in midtown. As a coursing current of wide-eyed and well-bundled tourists carried me up 5th Avenue and the Plaza Hotel blazed into view around the 58th St. corner, »