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Bob Woodward ’65: Uncovering the Hidden Universes

March 7, 2014
References to Bob Woodward can make chills run down a young journalist’s spine, and not just because he’s in sub-zero New Haven hell. Bob Woodward ’65 is the man who uncovered Watergate and, indirectly, led to President Nixon’s resignation; he’s been in the game since the early 1970s, writing books and, for his reporting, staying »
No bang for this buck.

Giving Moola to the Maison

October 11, 2013
Do you like nice things? I do.

A Double Life

September 28, 2012
On March 15, 2011, while most of Yale’s undergraduate students took a respite from campus over the course of spring break, 16 students and alumni filed a federal Title IX complaint against the University, launching Yale to the forefront of national discourse and opening up an ongoing conversation about the University’s modus operandi. In the »

In Support of Irreverence

August 31, 2012
As they toil and tweet alongside other interns, some Yalies learn about exotic parts of the world. They might grasp new ideas or engage with different ways of thinking. They’ve even been known to discover the kind of romantic connection that lasts a lifetime or, like, some random collection of nights. What I gleaned from »

Whose YCC is it anyway?

April 13, 2012
Cameras rolled, questions were fired out and stock phrases — “conversation with the administration,” “high-impact changes,” “real leadership is critical” — were bandied around like colorful sunglasses in the hands of Spring Fling revelers. The Yale College Council Election Debate on April 7 was a chance for the three Yalies competing to lead the council »
Ryan Mendías understands pride.

Pride@Yale, past and present

April 6, 2012
1977: Professor George Chauncey ’77 GRD ’89 and a group of other undergraduates organize Yale’s first Gay Rights Week, the event from which the current Pride@Yale claims ancestry. In a 2009 article in the Yale Alumni Magazine, Chauncey described the event as “one long effort to encourage people to come out: first by asking them »
Students with the Occupy Yale working group stood outside a Morgan Stanley info session at the Study Tuesday night, holding signs encouraging students to think outside of consulting and finance as they look to their careers.

Yale Working Group sets its own course

March 30, 2012
When Sophie Nethercut ’14 arrived at the now-infamous Occupy Morgan Stanley protest on Nov. 16 last semester, the chants had already started. “There’s something so powerful about being in a place where 50 people are reciting the same thing over and over,” Nethercut said. “‘Twenty-five percent is too much talent spent!’ – to join in »

Packing a Political Punch

March 23, 2012
Yes, the Students for a New American Politics Political Action Committee is one of those PACs you keep hearing about. Yes, they’ve raised over $200,000 and sponsored 30 candidates since being founded at Yale in 2004. But the way they use their money is less like the vilified Super PACs spawned from Citizen United and »

Dancefloor Diplomacy Makes Its Debut

March 17, 2012
I mean, are you ready for a new sensation? Dancefloor Diplomacy, a project co-founded by Yale’s very own Jakob Dorof ’12, has internet music reviewers going wild, writing up a storm and drawing comparisons with Girl Talk. The group released “We Are Ready,” its first video, earlier this week, pulling audiences into the world of »

Constantly shifting ‘Control’: A profile of ‘Control Group’

March 2, 2012
Patrick Cage ’14 looks at his hands, one wrist bedecked with bracelets of every color in a post-nuclear rainbow, and calls Control Group “the marzipan of theater companies.” Charlie Polinger ’13 says, in an email he wrote to me five days after the close of the ninth show he’s directed at Yale, that Control Group »

Valerie Plame Wilson: ex-spy, activist, global player

February 17, 2012
She spent years lying to everyone but her family about her job, she publicly shamed the Bush administration, she moved to Santa Fe because she was receiving too many threats at her home in DC — Valerie Plame Wilson has led a complicated life, but she’s not done fighting yet. The ex-spy who infamously had »
Bettering Yale, Walking Outside

Undergraduates for a Better Yale: A Profile

February 10, 2012
On their website, they say they “believe Yale can do better.” In their eyes, they’re making a stand against our campus’ prevalent sexual climate — and they know they’re right. To others, they’re everything from repressed, self-loathing Victorians to killjoys who should stay at Global Grounds to representatives of a larger division at Yale. In »