WEEKEND | Franco, #getittogether

I have decided to write this despite the relative creepiness of blogging about a peer (Oh my god — I’m totally sort of James Franco’s GRD ’16 peer) who I don’t even have contact with except for when I accidentally get a latte at the opportune time on Wednesday mornings (Oh my god — we totally both drink coffee), because I have a bone to pick with him.

James Franco, your Twitter sort of sucks.

Look, I get it. Twitter’s hard. I don’t really ever tweet, although that’s mainly because I don’t have a smart phone so by the time I get back to my laptop I’ve forgotten whatever witty hashtag I thought up while sitting in seminar. And I would usually never berate someone for tweeting inadequately, because that would be hypocritical — but James Franco is not just some rando on Twitter. He’s a Celebrity Tweeter, which deserves all caps and necessitates a higher quality of meaningless, incessant electronic communication.

So far, he’s been tweeting a lot of random links to pictures and replies to other celebrities. The pictures are okay in that a few are of him: candids are a Celebrity Tweeter staple. On the other hand, a lot of them — like this one — look like a fourteen-year-old girl with emo bangs and a Tumblr account attacked them with a few of her favorite Photoshop filters.

Also, James, please figure out Twitpic.

Beyond that, there’s not much — no pithy statements, no “location reveals” that would make my campus-wide stalking easier (Just kidding. I swear). Basically, nothing approaching the gold standard set by even a single Kanye “I just threw some kazoo on this bitch” West tweet.

Still, I hold out hope. After all, it’s only been a few days since the birth of @jamesfranco. And his profile picture — sitting with his arm around a television upon which is a statue of a cat — shows some serious promise: I have no doubt that James Franco will reach the heights of insane (and insanely follow-able) celebrity someday.

As Kanye would say, #ITSAPROCESS.



    anyone can tweet on the go, even those without smartphones! just shoot your tweet to 40404 and it will magically appear on your feed

  • TiffanyJean

    This is by far one of the worst written articles I’ve ever seen, regardless of the topic. Which might I add, is none of your business. Until he hires YOU to “tweet” just what it is you THINK he should be talking about, then you should probably mind your business.

  • reader2

    I would really think a writer publishing for the Yale News would have the know-how to proofread and edit their work for simple spelling errors.

  • murphytemple

    I’m convinced his feed is just highly stylized performance art — and come now, his WhoSay is pure gold.

  • andrew_br

    How sad,.. you don’t got some more important content to write about a fault-finding article, just to express your own grudge. In my eyes you seem to be an irascible -maybe a little too much frustrated- wannabe highbrow gossiper.

    Well, the next time, just take another latte and relax, dude!

  • Finnigan

    @murphy temple – I also assume that this is the case. Im not sure what his point is, but when he posted a picture of what looked like, and probably was his own piss in a toilet bowl, I decided he was probably just ‘taking the piss’. However, I think that the author of this post has failed to appreciate the thing that makes Franco’s twitter/facebook account fascinating: the complete insanity of his female fans. They really are something. If you want to see the effects of a cultural obsession with celebrity on young women, look no further than the comments directed @jamesfranco.

  • GusStella

    Really? Dedicating a whole post at YALE daily news to someone you “don’t really care about”? The shameful part is that you use all your well written sentences to say absolutely nothing, that no one cares about. While you’re there writing this and hoping, praying you’ll get some attention, James is probably making more money than you’ll ever will and enjoying a sweet life. You know why? Because he’s good at what he does. But hey, maybe one day you’ll be successful too. Maybe not, with this ‘kind of’ jealousy attitude. Anyway, if you’ll ever get successful, it obviously won’t be as a writer, so study hard my friend! You’ll need it. Good luck and hopefully you’ll get a less envyous day tomorrow. – Gus Stella.

  • lgailc

    personally i appreciate the fact he’s not acting like every other CeLeBriTy. who cares that his twitter isn’t drowning with plugs for his new movies or appearances or what not. i enjoy it being off beat.
    be a little open minded man. i’d prefer him to just act like a real person and not Tweet “witty hashtag” at every second. everyones got their own personality and way to do their own thing.
    thank god he does his own thing.

  • mara

    Si comprendi todo el contenido del artículo, creo que es una perdida de tiempo, palabras y espacio que solo refleja una dosis de envidia talvez de parte del escritor

  • MontyBurns


  • ByZaika

    @Finnigan I totally agree on the absurdity of female fans. Even if he is passed out and looking like crap you’d still see comments like:

    Oh for a muse of fire,,,,(?????)
    Lips on urs
    JAMES getting all beautiful
    Why do you have to be so darn irrestible.
    No matter what facial expression you have, you always look amazing! ♥

    ^^^real comments

  • Wolftacular

    This is so sad. What’s double the sad is that Cokey Cohen was able to get recognition based on a half-assed poorly written article. Can’t wait to get to college and write some half-assed papers about someone I shouldn’t care about.

  • bipolarchihuahua

    Let’s actually analyze the situation here. Young, handsome actor is nominated for movie where he plays a young, tech-savvy thrill-seeker who likes to video his encounters. Same young, handsome actor is picked to host the Oscars, a haughty tradition that is quickly becoming considered pointless to many (like the Egyptian population did of Mubarak, we ask: Who made you King?). Same young actor is prodded to set up a Twitter account before hosting Oscars, and to tweet and shoot videos of himself on the stage (just like Aaron, in 127 Hours, records himself in the cave). Real. In the moment. Youth. Twitter. Live. Wow. It was a marketing ploy. Cokey, you need to think just a little bit deeper here, otherwise your little opinion pieces, well…they sort of suck.

  • rayrach0

    This is what smart people who go to Yale write about it?

  • PabloAgus

    The “statue of a cat” is the Teddy Award!! I think you are a bit jealous of the incredible life of James Franco

  • bipolarchihuahua

    @rayracho The last time I encountered a Yale student, I was helping her move a chest of drawers, and during our conversation she actually told me she was “very smart” (non-sarcastically). Shortly after that statement, I watched her try to put back one of the drawers. It was the small drawer that goes at the top, but she was trying to stick it in at the bottom, and she was also holding it upside down. I had to say something. I just had to.

  • mamarurucoco

    Dude, you remind me of that Jacob Ben Israel character from Glee : the journalist for the high school newspaper. Driven by the same hatred and jealousy and with the same talent to be despised. I see a grand career ahead of you. Keep on the good job!

  • kbinongo05

    poor Yale.. you’ve got a writer like COKEY COHEN. your’re a disgrace in your institution with so much reputation to look up to..

  • Bookluvr2011

    I’ll be completely honest. I thought your article was well thought out and funny. While I agree that Franco’s Twitter activity may have been a marketing ploy, I also find it rather tasteless and unamusing. Shouldn’t someone of his caliber have something more interesting to say than just throwing up random pictures?

  • jenyl14

    I think this article is really pathetic. If it bothers you so much what James Franco posts on his Twitter then why do you follow him?? Are you really that bored and unhappy that it gives you pleasure to write crap about other people and what they are doing?? What I also don’t understand is why people focus on Celeb Tweets. Who really cares?! What you are doing is considered bullying. So just stop it and mind your own business. Do something more productive with your writing.

  • Jabba

    Really Cokey? Or should I refer to you as: Kooky? I’m not sure how I should address you; however, I’m leaning a bit toward the later. Anyway, thought I should place a post in response to the “elegant crap” you put up. Your writing is atrocious and only serves as a facade for the substandard course of instruction you are receiving at Yale. I am, frankly, surprised that that is the best you can do. Is this your first year at Yale or your last? Let me give you a smidgen of advice, spend more time studying and less time making vapid posts such as these. This is your chance to transform yourself into something that may benefit society one day–or maybe not.

  • ByZaika

    ^^^ why do I get a feeling that the above comments are made by female fans?

  • yalieeleven

    This is the most hilarious comment thread I’ve ever read (also profoundly depressing).

  • ballsoutfunny

    Cokey – I admire your piece. People who have no lives and who can’t accept something without someone else’s ignorant comments first is just a sign that people have no concept of using their heads to think critically. His twitter does suck but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Franco. Hell, I’m following him on twitter. I love how people use things like “He’s making more money than you…” or “He’s famous and you’re not”. Seriously? These comments coming from old, bored people who have no lives, stuck at work, still figuring out what twitter even means…can’t even use the computer right, I’m sure. They use worn out come backs because they don’t have the brain power to construct an original thought or enough creativity to think about what you’re saying here. The internet breeds dumb a-holes who are willing to jump on the bandwagon to defend a pretentious star who doesn’t care for their existence because he hardly seems to care for his own as of right now. Maybe when he gets his ‘act’ together, his twitter won’t be all the rage.

  • ByZaika

    ^^^ Amen

  • saywhat

    Cokey, is it? Perhaps he told you to pound off because as a fellow peer, he feels you should understand he has much better things to do and many more important tasks to complete than to entertain you via Twitter or his performance at the Oscar’s. Maybe you’re just not working as hard, trying to accomplish as much, or being half the student he is, with a quarter of the personality he has. However, as a writer, reporter, blogger, or whatever you are for the YALE DAILY NEWS and not some community college paper(is that right?), maybe you could do some research or consider the known facts, before throwing a juvenile tantrum about how sucky his Tweets are. As you statedm Franco’s Twitter account was only a few days old prior to Oscar night, which could mean that because he NEVER had one, he may have been persuaded to open one just to give star chasers like you some sort of false sense of importance by including you in their daily happenings. I actually appreciated him more for NOT having a Twitter account. With that said, also consider that the request to host the Oscar’s is not one many would pass up, whether they actually have an interest or not; it’s something cool to put on the good ole’ resume. I would like to think given Franco’s personality and known aspirations, hosting the Oscar’s may not have been at the top of his to-do list, but when opportunity knocks, open the door. your suppose, no one’s knocked at your door in a while, hence the unfamiliarity of the sound. So no, he doesn’t need to master Twitpic or Tweet less sucky, for that we have twits, I mean Tweeters like you, who think that what they have to say, about things they don’t know are cool. By the way Cokey, this is the pinnacle of your career, so enjoy it, while your parents pay (or you drown yourself in debt) for the education you don’t seem value as much as disinterested celebrity happenings and social media capabilities. I look forward to your colorful happenings with every bit of poetic prose and image perfection once you pursue mutiple degrees simultaneously, teach a class, be an A-list anything, eat, breathe, sleep, oh and study, while commuting across the country on a weekly basis…………………………………………………

    Since you don’t seem to be familiar with genuine disinterest, allow me to clarify: I don’t care about you happenings; it ALL a big joke!

  • Finnigan

    @ByZaika We should be friends.

  • Jabba

    “Amen?” “why do I get a feeling that the above comments are made by female fans?” Wow a religious misogynous. Colonel Klink you make me laugh. It appears that we have yet another illiterate Yale graduate spewing insipid comments, and now drawing inaccurate conclusions, about those of whom they know nothing about. By the way, don’t forget to capitalize the first word of sentence; or don’t they teach that at Yale? I should also add, I’m not a fan of anyone–especially of those who are. Now figure that one out grappa, and I don’t mean grandpa just in case you are wondering. Try to think of the process here and perhaps the light might switch-on in the cavernous void we like to think of, and that many refer to, as the brain, the cerebrum, the idea chamber, etc.

  • ByZaika

    @ saywhat

    ^^^ yeah, random images of bathroom stalls is quite an image perfection.

  • ByZaika

    @ Jabba all I read was: blah, blah, blah……blah….and more blah…

    oh! and I capitalized the “I”s just for you sweetheart

  • ByZaika

    @Finnigan So we shall…

  • Jabba

    Okay Col. Klink, I have strained harder having a bowl movement than what it took for you to compose that one. You are a piece of work–or something. Please do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock from which you came. It is quite apparent by your thoughtfully, and carefully, worded response that you must have used what remaining brain cells you had left. You should rest now before you injure the idea chamber. Oh by the way you should have capitalized the first blah (e.g. remember the rule regarding independent clauses) and you forgot the “period” at the end of your sentence. My, my–you grammatically challenged.

  • stjon

    I’m not writing to insult you, but to encourage you to spend more time on Twitter and perhaps suggest that you research the subject of your articles before you write them. James Franco is known for doing work that is experimental, challenging and different. There’s a great episode of “Fresh Air” on NPR that talks about this. The imperfection and amateur/immediate nature of @jamesfranco is actually what makes it endlessly interesting. He is literally taking little pix and videos of his life and posting them real time. Reading a poem in class? He posts a pic of it. Getting ready for some publicity with his co-star Danny McBride for Your Highness? We see a quick vid of a candid exchange. It’s not entertaining, it’s not polished, it’s real. Maybe not your cup of tea. No explanations, no captions, not spelled out…just a magpie like collection of moments from his day. Still, a window into the world of a genuinely fascinating creative artist. Twitter is many things, the more time you spend on it, the more layers appear. Art is actually common on Twitter, see @twihaiku so perhaps this is just not to your taste. But as an 18 year user of the Internet who has been on the web since it was invented and on Twitter from the beginning, I disagree.

  • ByZaika

    Dear Jabba,
    I think I like you already….a person who invests in composing rather than a bowel movement is at the top of my list, as for I am a simple creature who savors their time in the bathroom having a bowel movement and reading up on the latest Charlie Sheen escapades…Now I would argue on the brain cells subject since by this point in my life I doubt there are any left and any and all chambers have been left hollow.

  • ByZaika

    @ stjon my dear young friend. it deeply saddens me that our young generation is easily fooled into thinking that ignorance, incompetence and arrogance are mistaken for talent. I have many friends on FB who post their encounters with celebrities, random pictures of animals, and short vids from their life….HOWEVER none of them claim to be “genuinely fascinating creative artists” My dear friend has worked on: Men in Black III; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Captain America: The First Avenger; Thor and he is the most humble and well spoken person I know. And he would’ve been a better host at Oscars even though English is not his first language.

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