Bright College Bathrooms: Unisex LC

Three hints: more water on the floor than Toad’s after the foam party, paper towels strewn qua Tazmanian devil, and a persistent stink like the military latrines at Diên Biên Phû. I’m starting this series of blog posts with my least favorite bathroom at Yale: the trench that is the first floor, single-occupancy unisex bathroom in LC.

It is literally always occupied. And the last three times I have used it, a sheepish elderly woman with irritable bowel syndrome and poor aim has come waddling out with the stench of death at her back. I literally had to cover my face gas-mask style to quickly urinate. Other highlights include a sink that is pulling off the wall, and a mirror that you have to turn around and shuffle to the left to see yourself in. The bathroom also features a perpetual lack of toilet paper. If you must pee in LC, choose one of the bathrooms on the third floor or do yourself a favor and go to CT hall: palatial.


  • G

    Agreed. This bathroom is definitely disgusting. I’ve had to use it on multiple occasions when I had to pee like a pregnant hippo.

  • C

    There are also bathrooms (or at least a girls’ room) in the basement of LC that are very nice!