No pop from “POP!” for NY Times

The Yale Repertory Theater’s world premiere of the musical “POP!” last weekend was underwhelming for New York Times critic Charles Isherwood, who described the Andy Warhol murder mystery as “canned camp” in his Dec. 9 review of the show.

“In trying to show both the madcap excesses and the psychic cost of Warhol freakdom, the show turns these fabled figures into alternately cute and cranky cartoons,” Isherwood said.

He praised Randy Harrison’s meticulous performance as Andy Warhol and said Harrison played the pop artist with “enjoyable languor.” But Isherwood criticized the emotional lyrics of the musical as inauthentic.

“POP!” is directed by Mark Brokaw and written by Maggie-Kate Coleman and Anna K. Jacobs. It will play at the Yale Repertory Theater through Dec. 19.


  • anonymous

    writing a review of a review when you haven’t seen the show is irresponsible and silly. go to the show and form your own opinions or don’t post about it at all.

  • @ anonymous

    given that a ny times review carries a lot of weight, it is important in the theater community to address these reviews when they come out.

    albeit a charles isherwood review of an off-broadway or out-of-town show probably doesn’t carry as much weight as a self-aggrandizing ben brantley broadway review.