April 25, 2014 • 0
I crouch with my palms and knees on the hardwood floor. A floor to ceiling mirror spans most of one wall, and a few spotlights in the corner beam a soft teal-green and orange-yellow glow about the studio. This is our last warm-up before we shift to the metal poles: It’s called the “juicy” Buttercup, »

Let Sleeping Dogs Fly

April 11, 2014 • 5
Hunter Polonoli and Andris Skulte stand together on the tarmac of Orange County airport in Montgomery, N.Y. They are both young, handsome, and brunette, with bright white teeth and short, soft hair. They’re fit, though skinny, and their eyebrows twitch above big, brown eyes. The shadow of a sparrow darts across their feet, and Hunter »
Small Talk

Say What? Saybrew

January 26, 2012 • 0
I don’t really like beer. I remember one of the first times I ever tried it, at an Easter gathering. I was about 12, and I heard that telltale hiss of a beer cap popping off. A moment later, I felt a damp glass bottle pressed into my hand. Above me, my dad was grinning »

Things not to say to your parents over break

December 6, 2011 • 0
I mean, a B+ is pretty good. I went to lecture, like, twice all semester. I’ve really learned to appreciate new lifestyles. Guys, you don’t need to fast-forward through Jack-drawing-Rose-reclining-on-an-opulent-turn-of-the-century-sofa anymore. After all those naked parties, this stuff is like second nature. Animals (and gluten) have rights, too! You made my favorite baked macaroni and »

The New Party Suites

November 8, 2011 • 3
A dim, luminous red pulses at the end of the long dormitory hallway. As I draw nearer, the walls begin to throb against me, and the floor sends deep tremors of Taio Cruz through the soles of my slim flats, up through my gut, and into my woozy head. The walls emanate a pinkish glow; »

Professor Recs

April 13, 2011 • 0
Toshiyuki Shimada On the top of the list Yo-Yo Ma, although he is a Harvard grad. He can cross over to any type of music. And I am sure he can also cross over to Yale. My all-time favorite from the past was Frank Zappa, a very wild and unpredictable character, but he had created »

Top 10 Stores To Bring To New Haven

April 13, 2011 • 1
1. Jamba Juice: Nothing does it like a chilled fruit smoothie. I’m sick and tired of coffee, froyo, and bubble tea! Scrap Willoughby’s or Starbucks and blend up some Mango-a-go-go, Blackberry Bliss, and Aloha Pineapple. Please. 2. Any cheap clothing store: J.Crew, Gant, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel. We can choose between these, Salvo, and the »

Yale Lunch

February 28, 2011 • 0
For a few seconds, I stare at the simple, white screen of My name and email address are typed in. All I have to do is click “Pair me.” But what kind of loser has to use a website to avoid eating lunch alone? “Most likely … the sorts of people who eat snack »

Top 10 Things To Do In The Snow

February 3, 2011 • 0
1. Maple syrup candy: Throw out that Aunt Jemima’s you degrade your pancakes with and go buy some real, locally-made maple syrup. Heat it up to a boil in a saucepan, and after a slow-ticking minute of cooling, run outside and pour it onto a patch of (preferably not yellow) snow. It hardens into a »

Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate During Exams

December 17, 2010 • 0
Virtual Communication: Arrange Skype dates with all of your high school friends, middle school friends, elementary school friends, summer friends, friends of friends — even daycare friends! (You just need to find them on Facebook first….) If you get through this list, start Skyping with your friends at Yale! Or if Skype’s too much effort, »
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