Small Talk

Innocents in Prison

September 20, 2012
I began my summer certain that innocent people are sometimes wrongfully convicted, but believing that when authorities are faced with irrefutable proof — DNA evidence, for instance — the innocent would go free; indeed, the government would practically trip over itself to rectify its mistakes. I was wrong. I was a communications intern at the »
Small Talk

A Walk in the Woods

February 22, 2012
I had been told that this area was swampy, but somehow I hadn’t quite envisioned getting my feet wet. As I walked through the woods, the ground squelched underfoot. Leaves — some still improbably alive during this unexpectedly fair winter — rustled above me. Five Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) cadets and I were »

More Than Just the Music

December 7, 2011
“Our next competitors carry on the storied tradition of the first ever college a cappella group,” said Nick Lachey, the host. “With over 100 years of history behind them, these Ivy League singers are keeping the legacy alive while making their mark in the 21st century.” The spotlights settled on center stage. For the next »