Short Feature

That’s Not My Job – You’re Not My Type

October 5, 2007
Trying to imitate a favorite typeface, Deb Margolin splays herself across her chair, limbs akimbo. “Hobo Slouch,” she says. “The letters look like homeless people, or people drunk, or down on their luck or something.” She wriggles her thin arms a bit, then retracts them. “It’s onomatopoetic, only visual.” Professor Margolin’s field is theater — »
Short Feature

Too Close for Comfort – Life in Translation

April 1, 2007
A slender, mustard-yellow volume sits on a shelf in my family’s study. Its cheap cardstock cover is textured, unconvincingly, to resemble leather. “KARL BIRNBAUM: Leben und Werk” stretches across its front in a typeface one might see on the side of a Bauhaus building. Below the title there are four lines of dense text: “Inaugural-Dissertation, »
Short Feature

Up the Hill – Bug Love

February 12, 2007
If a bouquet of roses and dinner at Zinc seem staid this Valentine’s Day, take comfort you’re not a scorpionfly. Female scorpionflies require a “nuptial gift” of an insect from their mates in exchange for sex. Some males are chivalrous and risk death to steal something from a spider web; others cheat and give the »