Short Feature

A must-read for preppies, alcoholics and the nostalgic

October 7, 2004
These days at Yale, frat culture defines the preppy drinking scene of the 21st century: red plastic cups overflowing with cheap beer, aggressive Abercrombie boys slapping each other on the back, and halter-top hotties posing for one digital photo after another. While many of us view this as the best of all possible drinking worlds, »
Short Feature

Found in translation: communicating through Noh

April 1, 2004
By Elliot Greenberger For the month of June 2003, I rang up New Yorkers at the non-air-conditioned Astor Place Kmart next to a girl whose name was Unique. The following months offered a change of venue as I found myself surrounded by millions of people whose names were also unique — but that was because »