The greatest story ever told. Ever.

April 24, 2003
At the end of my freshman year, I had a damaging experience. The kind of experience that changes the way you look at life forever. I will never be the same. On May 27 of the year 2000, I had a catheter put in. With no anesthesia. I’ve debated telling this story for a long »

Winter sucks — yeah, we know, so buck up

February 27, 2003
I have an announcement to make: It’s cold. It’s snowy. Winter sucks. I just wanted to clear that up for everybody, once and for all. Now all of you who thought it necessary to write “it’s snowing!” on your IM away messages for the last two months can rest easy. EVERYBODY KNOWS. We need to »

A parent’s guide to inflicting psychological damage

January 23, 2003
I realized over this winter break that all of our parents are crazy. And, in turn, that they have made us all crazy in some way or another. I mean, how else do you explain a university that has the world’s largest gymnasium, third-largest library, and Toad’s all within a block of each other? I’ve »

Tall (drunken) tales from a Yalie who knows

December 11, 2002
I have a problem. And if you are a wild and crazy Yalie like me, you probably have it, too. In fact, I know you do, because I see all of you do it all the time. You’ve even done it to me. Let me give you an example: At the Stiles/Morse screw a couple »

Rovzar builds his resume with geriatric nudity

November 14, 2002
I’ve always been impressed with the things that Yalies do for their summer vacations. I’ve heard the most amazing stories. Some people were teargassed, some nurtured homeless refugees and some even saved lives. People saw a lot of profound things, too. Beauty in the devastating poverty of the Dominican Republic. The running of the bulls »