“This is not writing.”

March 22, 2014
I’m zooming through a corridor made of words. On either side, chunky text passes by my shoulders. My eyes flit from one wall to the other, trying to absorb the letters. I am inside a poem. Then the corridor ends. The space widens, curves, and pinches together above me to form a dome. I look »
Small Talk

Jupiter on Broadway

September 17, 2012
I’m weaving through a tattooed crowd outside of Toad’s on York Street one November night, trying to reach the York-Elm intersection before the 20-second crossing period ends. But before I can cross, I’m approached by a stranger — a middle-aged man of average height with a red windbreaker on. His forehead wrinkles like a topographical »

Get Lost, Find New Haven

April 4, 2012
When they swear me to secrecy, I imagine it’s because I’m about to hear highly sensitive information — talk of illicit deals or citywide conspiracies. I’m sitting on the floor of Laura Snow’s third-floor apartment off Whitney Avenue in East Rock, waiting with bated breath to become complicit in this secret. I should have expected »
Short Feature

How to Succeed in Comedy (without The Lampoon)

January 26, 2012
My first reaction was that it looked much bigger on TV. Through slightly dimmed house lights, 200 audience members were filing into tightly-packed blue and yellow plastic bleachers that were better suited to a baseball stadium than a studio. I found my seat in the balcony, about four rows back, and watched as swarms of »