The Beekeeper

April 27, 2012
“Did you eat bananas? Are you wearing leather?” Marina Marchese looks me up and down. I shake my head and zip my suit. “If you have, they’ll be angry.” It’s cold outside: below 60 degrees. They’re already angry. “Did you shower? Did you brush your teeth?” I nod weakly and fasten my hood. Through its »


February 22, 2012
“Here’s something you’ve never heard before” I had So I stopped the telling, and pushed him over and caught myself. I’m telling you this nowbecause I’m not with other peopleand haven’t been for quite a while. ‘Now’s our time’There’s something you’ve heard before I get it:We’re not looking for rapture on a Thursdayor existential yogaor »

Paolo’s Room

November 8, 2011
Who the hell is Paolo? For now, he’s a room. A lot of what I can tell you about Paolo’s Room is recollection and rumor. It remains a mystery even to those fortunate few who have been there. In the room’s post-Paolo life, its marble walls have seen sex, stealing, sleep, sandwiches, booze, and Dada. »


December 17, 2010
“Memoriam” By Alex Klein