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We are Terrified

October 12, 2014
Emmet Hedin ’17 grew up on an organic vegetable farm in southeast Minnesota, where his family has been farming since his great-grandfather emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800s. “I grew up thinking about weather as one of the most important things in my dad’s life,” Emmet says. In August 2007, it rained in Minnesota. »


April 11, 2014
Carmen is the one who finds Sarah’s body. It is in the shed beside the dock behind the blackened burnt shell of a house in the field where they like to laugh. Sarah baked a blueberry pie that afternoon and the scent must’ve clung to her because three bees linger over her chest, her neck, »
Personal Essay

Ten Thousand Trees

January 28, 2013
Sept. 22 I’ve always been a tree admirer, lover, protector, kisser, crier. The first time I drank too much, I cried for hours about the Earth and its need for trees. Yet despite this fervor, I had never studied tree species alongside my geologist brother, never helped my father plant on our 10-acre field in »

Pai Contra

September 17, 2012
When I was a boy and first upset by the strange filthy-looking people who paraded about our streets, asking for things, my father explained that they were called homeless, but that this was not their entire story. He told me, so as to not upset me concerning the state of their lives, that they usually »

The Kenwood Party

November 9, 2011
Make a right on the road with the prisons. Once you’ve reached the biker bar with the chickens in the parking lot, turn left. Pass my house, and then the Wamsley house that was burned last spring. He’s still there some nights, his orange tent between the dog sheds. Just across from the private airport, »