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Candidates mirror party demographics

MUNCIE, Indiana, 5:25 p.m. — Earlier today, I was driving around the bustling town of Muncie, trying to get a few errands done before trekking back to school later this week. Typical for me, I let my mind wander. It wandered onto Saturday night’s debates on ABC. I watched the debates then, and I watched »

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McCain strategist McKinnon: ‘Lightning is striking twice!’

The second in a series of spin room interviews following this weekend’s debates. MANCHESTER, N.H., 10:30 a.m. — Senator John McCain is surging, and his campaign is feeling good. “We like where it stands, and it feels even better right now than it did in 2000,” said McCain chief media strategist and Bush advertising czar »

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In Oklahoma, Boren ’63 to host bipartisan forum featuring Michael Bloomberg

NORMAN, Oklahoma, 5:25 p.m. — David Boren ’63 is no stranger to notable political figures. In the past year, the former Oklahoma senator and governor — an affable man popular in this state — has hosted Colin Powell, Al Gore, George H.W. Bush ’48 and Mitt Romney in his role as president of the University »

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When life imitates art

ROUTE 101, N.H., 8:32 a.m. — In the last season of The West Wing, Republican presidential candidate Arnold Vinick saw his campaign crash and burn after a nuclear power plant he pushed to build in his home state came close to a meltdown. His opponent, Democratic Congressman Matthew Santos, soared in the polls as Vinick »