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Getting Out the Freshman Vote

By Zach Marks It’s no secret. If you want to win a YCC election, you need to do well with freshmen. They consistently turn out in higher numbers than upperclassmen – last year 33% of voters were freshmen, compared to 30% who were sophomores, 22% juniors and 15% seniors. Since freshmen are less likely than »

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Preliminary Odds as Field Emerges

By Ryan Russell Disclaimer: Take these predictions with a grain of salt. I obviously have no idea who will win, but I’m basing these guesses as objectively as possible on how receptive I think students will be to each individual’s personality and campaign. President: Rich Tao – 2:1 Why He’ll Win: Extremely likeable candidate with »

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“So what rules can we break?” Is Old Campus the Next Kenya?

By Zach Marks The room was rank with the scent of awkward tension and eager anticipation. Friends made uncomfortable small talk about final papers and how great the weather was today (to be fair, it was pretty awesome). But were they still friends? Sure, they were. But were they really? No. Tonight was the all-important »

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Yes Wu Can

By Zach Marks This video is sick. No more words necessary (although there are lots lots more below the fold). Will Alexander, looks like it’s time to step your game up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b7-dOl5OWg (This blog software is really cramping my style. I should be able to include videos in the blog shortly.) This video is pure »

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Best Friends Forever?

By Zach Marks From today’s YDN story on the YCC elections: “We all know each other very well,” [YCC presidential hopeful Katrina] Landeta said, referring to her competitors, both of whom she counts among her close friends. “So it’ll be interesting to see how the next few days unfold. But regardless, we all very much »