University | 8:31 pm | April 19, 2012 | By Anisha Suterwala

YCC officially announces Spring Fling lineup


The Spring Fling lineup is officially out, and it features — surprise, surprise — 3LAU, Passion Pit and T-Pain. The three-part lineup leaked online in March. The new website features bios of the headliners, as well as the three openers — Jamestown, The First Town in America, A Streetcar Named Funk, 9 Tigers — who »

University | 4:27 am | March 20, 2012 | By Daniel Sisgoreo

3LAU, Passion Pit, T-Pain coming to Yale, website says

The above listing comes from the website

3LAU and Passion Pit are slated to perform alongside T-Pain at Yale on April 24 — the Tuesday of the spring term reading week and the traditional date of Spring Fling — according to a listing on the concert website Neither 3LAU’s nor Passion Pit’s website lists concerts at Yale this spring, though Passion »

Culture | 5:53 pm | January 17, 2012 | By Andrew Giambrone

YCC offers backstage pass for best logo design


Remember last year’s Spring Fling? Remember when Third Eye Blind played “Jumper,” or when Lupe Fiasco kicked off (or, at least, contributed to) a campuswide push against investment banking? You don’t? Regardless, here’s some good news: the Yale College Council is offering a backstage pass to Spring Fling 2012 for the student who designs the »

WEEKEND | 5:27 pm | January 17, 2012 | By Carolyn Lipka

Who the YCC wants to bring to Spring Fling


With the first (real) snowfall and beginning of second semester, winter is peaking. Unfortunately for the season, the student body just received the survey for the Spring Fling Openers reminding us of all the joys warm weather brings (namely no jackets and frolicking on old campus). Since we probably won’t get Blue Ivy or the »