University | 8:32 pm | April 18, 2012 | By Casey Sumner

Mysterious email calls for another YCC runoff


An email to students Wednesday afternoon lampooned the recent confusion over the Yale College Council presidential race. “YCC Elections Committee” — email address — emailed students claiming that it had overlooked another clause in the YCC’s election rules. (Read more about the first overlooked clause here.) The clause, as it turns out, invalidates John »

University | 3:14 pm | September 4, 2011 | By Danny Serna

Pranksters advertise “D.K.E.” at extracurricular bazaar

Could this be the return of the Pundits? A lighthearted, joyful new student group calling itself “Doing Kindness Everywhere” — or D.K.E. — handed out flyers promoting their “not-fraternity” at today’s extracurricular bazaar. In the fliers, this “group of diverse Yale students” emphasized that it is not a fraternity, its understanding that “NO MEANS NO” »