University | 2:06 pm | October 21, 2012 | By Julia Zorthian

Harden ’09, author of ‘Sex and God at Yale,’ strikes again

Nathan Harden '09 levels serious critiques of Yale and Sex Week in his new book.

A few months after releasing his book “Sex and God at Yale,” Nathan Harden ’09 is back again — this time, with new evidence that Yale students are obsessed with sex. In a Friday article published with the National Review, Harden (again) criticized Yale’s sexual culture, calling the campus “a bizarre and sad sexual dystopia.” »

Magazine | 7:44 pm | January 25, 2012 | By Danny Serna

Buying the flowers yourself

The author bought these flowers himself.

Screw April — January is the cruelest month. February’s pretty cruel, too. They’re boring and cold. This morning was ordinary. I woke, finished a problem set, thought about blogging, decided not to blog, showered, dressed, went to Thai Taste. As I stared dumbstruck at an enormous plate of drunken noodle, I remembered something that makes »