University | 11:46 am | February 12, 2013 | By Helen Rouner

Students petition Lorimer for pope

Yalies have drafted an official petition to the White House urging President Barack Obama to nominate University Vice President and Yale’s Holiest Celebrity Linda Koch Lorimer to the papacy. The petition was created after Lorimer announced that classes would be canceled on Tuesday, marking the fourth time classes have been canceled this academic year. Before Superstorm Sandy this October, »

Sci-Tech | 11:08 am | January 14, 2013 | By Dan Weiner

New CEID café seeks name, logo

A new café in the Becton Center is seeking a name and logo.

Want to impress Linda Lorimer, win a gift card and have your wit displayed for eternity in one fell swoop? The Center for Engineering Innovation and Design is hosting a logo and name competition for its new café, which will open on Jan. 22 on the first floor of the Becton Center. Members of the »