University | 11:36 am | March 27, 2012 | By Madeline McMahon

Princeton moves to keep freshmen away from Greeks

Princeton University, above, will not allow freshmen to attend Greek formal or semiformal events.

Princeton freshmen are now prohibited from attending all Greek formal and semiformal events, the Daily Princetonian reported. Last August, Princeton administrators announced that Princeton freshmen cannot rush fraternities or sororities. But on Sunday, a committee of students and administrators charged with outlining the specifics of the ban released a report stating that freshmen students who »

University | 10:52 pm | February 7, 2012 | By Andrew Giambrone

Gross Dartmouth hazing leads to outrage

Dartmouth College

Outrage over accounts of hazing published in Dartmouth’s campus newspaper has led to action from professors. In late January, Dartmouth senior Andrew Lohse wrote an opinion article in the paper describing various disgusting hazing practices among the university’s fraternities. As a pledge, Lohse said he was made to drink a full cup of vinegar, swim »