University | 10:37 am | February 23, 2012 | By Dan Stein

Deferred senior makes viral vid about Yale


What would you do to get into Yale? For Jackie Milestone, the answer is a four minute smorgasboard of singing, guitar and Yale apparel. After being deferred this fall, Milestone uploaded a song about her Yale deferral to Youtube on Tuesday. The catchy hook comes from the line: “Yale, you’ve made me white and blue »

University | 1:15 pm | February 21, 2012 | By Caroline Tan

Yale admission makes Chinese girl media darling

Yale Admissions Office

Not all Chinese mothers are Tiger mothers, at least according to an article in the China Daily on Monday. Chen Yunyi, a 17-year-old Chinese student, has become the “latest household name” in China after scoring admission to Yale, the China Daily reported Monday. But Chen’s parents did not use “traditionally Chinese” parenting methods for raising »

University | 4:40 pm | January 24, 2012 | By Daniel Sisgoreo

Law schools see decline in applications


The American Bar Association Journal reported last week that, as of Jan. 13, law schools had received roughly 15 percent fewer applications than at the same time last year. The ABA Journal cited a thin job market as the cause for the lower numbers, though it quoted Wendy Margolis, a spokeswoman for the Law School »

University | 12:34 pm | January 19, 2012 | By Andrew Giambrone

Yale sees 5.8 percent increase in apps


Yale received 28,870 applications for admission to the class of 2016, marking a 5.8 percent increase from last year, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said in an email to the News Thursday morning. The jump comes as other Ivy League schools — Columbia and Penn are the only ones with data out now — »

University | 9:40 pm | January 15, 2012 | By Andrew Giambrone

Early admissions get tougher at elite schools

Harvard Yard

At least when it comes to early applications, it’s hard out there for a WASP. A larger, more diverse group of early applicants to America’s most elite universities has made early admission more elusive, especially for students from Northeastern prep schools, according to a New York Times article Friday. In the past, prep schools dominated »