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Lorimer says “Goodnight Irene”

In an email titled “Goodnight Irene!” Vice President and University Secretary Linda Lorimer put Yale community members’ concerns to bed, summarizing the extent of Irene’s effect on the campus. Read her full email below: Those of us in New Haven seem to have been mighty lucky relative to those to the west of us (where »

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Photos from Hurricane Irene


Still cooped up inside? Take a look at what it looks like on the streets of New Haven with these photographs from Victor Kang.

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Lorimer sends Irene update

After a night of wind and rain Vice President and University Secretary Linda Lorimer sent the following update for the Yale community, explaining there were no “serious problems” on or around campus. Read her full email: I just wanted to signal that there were no serious problems last night on or around campus: Yale Facilities »

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Irene Dispatch: Late night activities and some more information

Davenports gnomes huddled inside for protection from Irene.

A hodge podge of Irene-related news here. Reporter Zoe Gorman tells us that both Bass Library and the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library have announced on the Yale University Library website that they will be closed tomorrow. Meanwhile Ava Kofman tells us that four students — boys wearing swimshorts and girls wearing bikinis — »

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Officials brief residents on Irene preparations

Mayor John DeStefano Jr. spoke to reporters at Nathan Hale School about the city's response to Hurricane Irene.

Just as Hurricane Irene began to make itself known to New Haven through increasingly heavy rains, city officials briefed reporters and residents about the city’s progress in preparing for the storm and evacuating residents. At an 8 p.m. press conference at Nathan Hale School on Townsend Avenue, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. — who had issued »