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Through the Lens: Valentine’s Day


On Monday night, New Haven and Yale students alike will celebrate Valentine’s Day in an explosion of reds and pinks. Yale celebrates the love holiday with sweet study breaks as New Haven shops and restaurants burst into bloom. Whether you’ve found someone special or are riding solo, enjoy the hearts, roses and chocolate galore. (Single) »

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New Orbis debuting

Starting Monday, the new version of Orbis will become the default library search engine. “New Orbis” includes sidebar filters and new graphics that indicate when a book is checked out. It also links directly to Google Books so that users can find books available online. For those who resist change, the “Classic Orbis” will be »

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Library closed due to weather

Due to hazardous weather conditions, the libraries are closed today until noon. According to the online library service update, the library will open on a delayed schedule, and Eli Express deliveries will be disrupted. “Special collections researchers should call an archivist or librarian before heading to the library this afternoon,” the library website said. The »

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Through the Lens: Coffee Shops


Easy wind and downy flake have transformed the Elm City into a winter wonderland. What do Yalies and New Haven residents do when snow is piled up along the streets and temperatures reach 20 degrees Fahrenheit? They heat things up any way they can. One of the most common remedies for winter storm woes is »

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Fantasy and sci-fi group builds snow creatures


The Multiverse Undergraduate Fantasy And Science-fiction Association (MUFASA) sculpted a snow dalek today on Old Campus. A dalek is a genetically mutated extraterrestrial from the BBC science fiction television series “Doctor Who.” The snow creature, like its television doppelgänger, displayed a villainous robotic exterior with nobs and dials carved in the snow, which MUFASA founder »