Uncategorized | 7:10 pm | November 2, 2010 | By Yvette Borja

Dems phone-bank, work to get out the vote

The Afro-American Cultural Center was buzzing today as the Yale College Democrats worked the phones to encourage Yalies to get out the vote. The volunteers making the calls reminded students of the various polling locations and made it a goal to ask each voter the precise time at which they planned to cast their vote. »

Uncategorized | 7:53 pm | October 27, 2010 | By Yvette Borja

Bun Lai is a “great” person

New Haven’s own Bun Lai was named the “Greatest Person of the Day” by the Huffington Post earlier this week for his work with developing sustainable sushi. In an interview, Lai familiar with the spotlight, talked about his past, his current projects, and his future plans to spread his message. Lai spoke of his New »

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Dudley ’87 makes bid in Oregon

Chris Dudley ’87 is changing up the political scene in Oregon with his gubernatorial bid, according to a Bloomberg article Tuesday. Known for being the “underdog” ever since his days in the NBA where he struggled with free-throws and rebounds, Dudley is now facing a whole new kind of opponent in his campaign against the »

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Ok, the God Quad goes purple

The God Quad recorded a spoof of the OK Go video “A Million Ways” titled “A Million Ways to be Purple” advertising the party that they threw on Saturday night where all guests were asked to wear purple. The video, posted on YouTube, features four males dressed head-to-toe in form-fitting purple spandex. The suits left »