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Relay for Life gets the message out on Cross Campus


The Connecticut Relay for Life is the largest fundraising event at Yale. Although the relay itself won’t take place until Friday and Saturday, the American Cancer Society kicked off a “Purple Week,” a colorful campaign designed to raise wareness about the disease. There was even a flash mob performance of a version of Taio Cruz’s »

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Through the Lens: They’re Everywhere


Yalies aren’t the only creatures dwelling on campus. Birds and squirrels abound. But we should not weep for lack of diversity in Yale’s animal kingdom, for the furry and feathery inhabitants are reminders of a glorious and rapidly approaching spring. Staff photographer Victor Kang captures the lives of these neighbors.

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First tournament for water polo team


The Yale women’s water polo team competed against Coast Guard on Saturday in their first league tournament. This was the third match out of the four for the Yale team this tournament; other teams participating were from Dartmouth College, Boston College, Boston University and Williams College.

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A snowstorm feast


Flocking to the feeder. When snow hit Yale once again, at least these birds had something to be happy about. Some kind soul at the Groves Cemetery had put enough feed for the next snowcaplypse.

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It’s a doll


Shops on Chapel Street were alive Thursday evening, literally. Instead of just mannequins in their windows, they had live people posing.