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Teas of the week: “Seinfeld” and sports

No, James Franco GRD ’16 is not giving a master’s tea this week about how he is preparing to host Sunday’s Oscars, but there are still some other teas you may want to check out. For the Yalies who can’t get enough sports action, check out Saybrook’s master’s tea, cosponsored by us at the News, »

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Teas of the week: Courts and history

Even with the weather a tempting 50 degrees this week, there are still a couple of master’s teas that may keep you inside. Tomorrow at 4 p.m. in Davenport, Stephen Bright will hold a master’s tea on “From Debtors’ Prisons to the Death Penalty—Race, Poverty and Other Injustices in the Criminal Courts.” Bright has won »

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Teas of the week: Food, Frum and journalism

January may be coming to an end, but February promises a handful of intriguing master’s teas. Here are the teas that may interest you this week: The Yale Iron Chefs who made it past the preliminaries early today may want to check out and learn a few tips from Mark Furstenberg, a bread baking connoisseur »

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Teas of the week

With temperature below freezing this week and “Glee” not starting back up until Superbowl Sunday, you might find yourself in your dorm room filled with ennui. However, some master’s teas this week may pique your interest. History and comics. This combination may sound odd, but Kate Beaton wittily combines the two for her webcomic “Hark! »