Opinion | 9:28 pm | November 27, 2012 | By Cristo Liautaud, Xiuyi Zheng, and Scott Stern

Forum: International Affairs

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

With the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, continuing discussion of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s comments on the Benghazi attacks and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s announcement of new powers, international issues have dominated recent news. What do you think the most important international event was over the past week? Hear from our columnists in the Yale Daily News Forum: »

Opinion | 8:58 pm | November 8, 2012 | By Diana Rosen, Scott Stern, and Nathaniel Zelinsky

Forum: President Salovey

Peter Salovey was named Yale's next president on Thursday.

In this edition of the News’ Forum, students react to the announcement that Provost Peter Salovey will serve as the next University President. Nathaniel Zelinsky, Staff Columnist | Senior in Davenport College Habemus Popem. A few reactions, in no particular order, to Provost Salovey’s appointment as president. First, this is a great day for teaching »

Opinion | 1:07 am | February 6, 2012 | By Scott Stern

STERN: Freshman seminars should be mandatory


When it comes to getting the courses I want, I consider myself supremely lucky. Yes, last semester, I was not placed into the English seminar I wanted or the Spanish seminar I initially wanted. And yes, this semester I was not placed into the residential college or the science seminar I wanted. But, I was »

Opinion | 4:02 pm | January 17, 2012 | By Scott Stern

Wikipedia to Shut Down! For Good Reasons!


If you were planning to get a head start on that research paper tomorrow, think again. I’m afraid I have some startling news: Wikipedia is going to shut down on Wednesday. …I know. After you have recovered from the initial shock of that statement, you may ask why Wikipedia would do such a thing. The »