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Saybrook juniors will be annexed to Swing

Saybrook College juniors will be annexed to Swing Space next year instead of Vanderbilt Hall, as was previously announced. Associate Dean for Student Organizations and Physical Resources John Meeske said that Saybrugian freshmen will still be housed in Vanderbilt Hall next year. They swap locations with Berkeley College freshmen, who will move to Lanman-Wright Hall. »

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Dining deals with snow

With the campus covered in snow and troubles plaguing commuters, Yale Dining has been taking measures to ensure that enough staff can be on campus to keep all the Dining Halls open — including having staff sleep over in the residential colleges. While many staff members were not able to make it in today, all »

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Commons to reopen before end of break

Updated Monday, Dec. 13, 8:26 p.m. At the urging of the Yale College Council, Commons will open to students starting the morning of Thursday, Jan. 6 — three days earlier than in previous years. Commons will be open for students on Thursday and Friday, while Silliman will reopen that Saturday. All residential college dining halls »

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They’ll all dance the hora in the Woolsey Rotunda

A spontaneous Hora broke out in Woolsey Rotunda during lunch hours on Thursday. As students danced the traditional Jewish circle dance, the Yale Klezmer Band provided musical accompaniment. “I guess it was all of that pre-Thanksgiving energy—sometimes people get a little stir-crazy, and sometimes crazy people like to dance,” Nina Beizer ’12 said. L’chaim! Check »

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Students protest Obama AIDS policies

Yalies called on the Obama administration to spend more on fighting AIDS around the world as Zeke Emanuel, an adviser on global health policy to Obama, spoke at the Law School earlier today. David Carel ’13, who helped organize the protest on Wall Street, which also included students from Harvard and New York, said he »