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I hate to say I told you so, but…

The elections went down exactly as I predicted they would. Congrats those who won and also those who ran… it takes balls to put your name out there. -Ryan

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2008 Endorsement Meeting – (YSAC)Idealism runs rampant

By Ryan Russell I was going to do a running live-blog, but there was just too much information to process; luckily, I took decent notes so I’ll share my impressions of the meeting… President: Katrina Landeta: – Initial Impressions: Dressed professionally and spoke confidently despite being the first up. – Content: Katrina attempted to distinguish »

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Preliminary Odds as Field Emerges

By Ryan Russell Disclaimer: Take these predictions with a grain of salt. I obviously have no idea who will win, but I’m basing these guesses as objectively as possible on how receptive I think students will be to each individual’s personality and campaign. President: Rich Tao – 2:1 Why He’ll Win: Extremely likeable candidate with »

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Let the games begin!

By Ryan Russell I’m not normally a blogger, but when Zach Marks and I discussed the possibility of helping cover this year’s YCC Executive board election for the YDN, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. I mean, it’s been great walking around campus as the two biggest losers for the past »