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OPINION | Looking to Canada

When 1992 presidential candidate Ross Perot depicted the potential outcome of NAFTA as a “giant sucking sound,” he had in mind a gushing of jobs across our southern border. As the twentieth anniversary of his remark approaches, another giant sucking sound can be heard on the continent: a migration of American ideals to the north. »

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OPINION | Myths and ambition in France

It seems like the French are as fond as ever of a good ol’ national myth. The latest gem out of Paris goes something like this: French-led actions in Libya are pioneering a new doctrine of humanitarian warfare. Seeing the atrocities perpetuated by the Kaddafi regime, France has stepped forward to defend freedom and human »

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OPINION | Marsh: On names

This week, I received the strangest of emails from a remote connection in China. Perceiving that her childhood English nickname “little Panda” wasn’t conducive to professional success, she wrote to me asking for — get this — some name suggestions. Requesting only that the names were “special,” she allowed me free reign to choose as »

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OPINION | Marsh: Take a closer look at Zoellick’s policies

When the president of the World Bank comes to town, one expects there to be fireworks. Memories of the so-called Battle in Seattle still loom large in the public consciousness and global macroeconomic imbalances are capturing swaths of media coverage. Yet, when Bank President Robert Zoellick breezed through campus on Wednesday afternoon, my expectations went »