University | 10:01 pm | November 14, 2011 | By Natasha Thondavadi

Harvard Licensing holds up FCC shirts

The original t-shirt design.

The game is in six days. So why haven’t you seen any eager freshmen already sporting their official FCC game shirt? After submitting the shirt design to the Dean’s office and the Yale licensing office, the FCC was asked to consult with Harvard Licensing, said Nathan Kohrman ’15, chair of the Freshman College Council. This »

University | 7:02 pm | November 14, 2011 | By Natasha Thondavadi

Dining hall food comes to tailgate

The Yale administration has implemented new tailgate regulations in an effort to reduce underage drinking.

Want to spend your first day of Thanksgiving Break eating dining hall food? Well you’re in luck! Yale Dining’s hosting a tailgate for The Game. In an email sent to students on Friday, Yale Dining began advertising for its own celebration of Yale pride and asked students to bring their IDs to access the goodies. »

University | 7:59 pm | November 12, 2011 | By Natasha Thondavadi

High school classics competition rages

The tournament's poster, featuring artwork by Andrew Sotiriou '13.

“Translate ‘remain’ in the following sentence: If Catiline should rem…” BUZZ. The reader can’t even get the whole question out before a player pounces on the buzzer, hoping to win eternal glory for himself and his team. This is common at Certamen tournaments across the nation, and is now common at Yale, which got its »

WEEKEND | 11:06 pm | November 1, 2011 | By Jack Linshi and Natasha Thondavadi

Wrap-up: Best Halloween Costumes

Which Yale College Dean Mary Miller is the real one? We can't tell!

Yalies are creative, and what could be a better opportunity to show off than Halloween? We loitered at University President Richard Levin’s last night and took pictures of the best. First Place: Danny Ullman ’15 (Chef Chris from Morse) Anyone who can singlehandedly challenge the New Haven pizza industry from a dining hall deserves to »

Culture | 3:24 pm | October 30, 2011 | By Natasha Thondavadi

Exhibit brings Open Studios to a close

An exhibit running until 5 p.m. today marks the end of City Wide Open Studios.

Have you ever yearned to watch a man perform in a living room made entirely of piñatas? Performing artists John O’Donnell and Bill Beckett put on a show that was just that for the opening of New Haven’s 14th annual City-Wide Open Studios festival earlier this month. Now, as Open Studios draws to a close, »