Opinion | 7:36 pm | November 7, 2012 | By Marissa Medansky and Dan Stein

UPDATED Forum: Election Reactions

After hearing news of Obama’s victory,  seniors celebrated at Box 63.

As Yale responds to the results of Election 2012, read reactions in the News’ Forum: “Tonight’s election results were filled with triumphs for rational progress over fear and exclusion, but I hope that tonight means something more constructive than ‘victory’: We exercise our most basic civic right every four years in the voting booth, and »

Opinion | 10:23 pm | September 3, 2012 | By Marissa Medansky

MEDANSKY: Santorum’s for real, y’all

Republican Rick Santorum campaigns in Iowa in 2011. The former presidential candidate will be on campus tomorrow for a Yale Political Union debate.

Rick Santorum loves “Juno.” I know this because I saw Rick Santorum address scores of young conservatives — and, ostensibly, the trolls that love them — at the Young America’s Foundation annual summer conference, where I ate, to the organization’s credit, the most delicious dinner of my summer. (Nothing says “the dangers of contraception” and »

Culture | 10:55 am | March 22, 2012 | By Marissa Medansky

Watch the Whiffenpoofs perform Robyn with Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn is famous for her energetic live performances. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and the Whiffenpoofs seem to capture some of her spirit.

The Whiffenpoofs have been getting around a lot this year, with members and former members alike singing in venues as diverse as Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue —and ostensibly an assortment other interesting places, too. Yet no performance by the Whiffenpoofs—and I am comfortable saying this objectively and definitively—will ever be as »

Opinion | 3:00 pm | February 5, 2012 | By Marissa Medansky

MEDANSKY: In defense of Dutch

Don't diss Dutch.

On Friday, guest columnist Gavin Schiffres wrote against Yale’s mandatory language requirement. “The only language most students will need,” Schiffres tells us, “is English.” According to Schiffres, languages like “Zulu or Dutch” prove irrelevant in our increasingly globalized world, and the mere fact that Yale allows students to learn such banal tongues in the pursuit »

Opinion | 2:18 pm | January 23, 2012 | By Marissa Medansky

How to Train Your Internet

The Internet never forgets.

We’ve all heard the cautionary tales: colleges doling out rejections to bright-eyed seniors sporting age-inappropriate Facebook pictures, businesses nixing qualified applicants due to some scandalous online paper trails. Your parents warned you. You counselors warned you. And maybe you caved, dutifully purging, editing or otherwise altering any and all records of what you did last »