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Yalies on board plane struck by lightning

UPDATED: 12:12 a.m. Yalies flying from Philadelphia to New Haven Friday had a rocky start to the semester. US Airways Flight 4507 was hit by lightning, Newsday reported. The plane then made an emergency landing at Long Island MacArthur Airport, and passengers were bused to destinations in Connecticut. Yale students were dropped off on the »

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Singing scientists in new YouTube video

That’s why I chose chemical engineering? A video about the history of chemical engineering at Yale and the department was posted to YouTube Nov. 28. The video, called “A Reactor for Your Future” was a project for Principles of Chemical Engineering and Process Modeling, a class taught by professor Andre Taylor, and the objective was »

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Pataki ’67 for prez?

Will George Pataki ’67 be the next Yale-educated President of the United States? In a recent ABC “Top Line” segment, former-New York Governor and past chairman of the Conservative Party of the Yale Political Union, Pataki discussed the possibility of running for President in 2012. Pataki said that he is willing to run if he »

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Deconstructing Harvard’s designs

Harvard has finally realized that it sucks. Well, at least partially so. With the Harvard-Yale Game fast approaching, the Harvard College Fund sponsored a T-shirt design competition for the official t-shirt of the game. In a recent article, the Crimson scrutinized the some of the designs. Here are their takes and our takes: The first »

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Yalies “attended” Northwestern Sig Ep party

As of 6 p.m. Friday 102 Yalies were attending Sig Ep’s Prep School party, according to the event’s Facebook page, and 50 more also were considering attending the event. This might seem like a dismally under-attended fraternity party, but it’s a pretty decent turn out when the party is held at Northwestern University in Evanston, »