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Multimedia Special Feature: OlympusFest

On Friday, Oct. 8, Yale celebrated OlympusFest, an event cosponsored by the Yale Hellenic Society and YCouture and inspired by the Greek gods themselves. But this was not your average toga party — there was nary a bedsheet or ADPhi brother in sight! The Hellenic Society provided the Greek inspiration (and the grapes), and YCouture »

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Spoof e-mail promises ‘Gradification’

For the past few weeks, Yale students have been receiving e-mails from “The Gradifi Team,” a duo of recent graduates who have launched a Web site for Yale students that allows them to access more extensive reviews of courses and professors than that which is offered by Yale’s online course evaluation system. Inspired, some other »

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A fall feast, courtesy six countries, a continent and a university

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Today’s Fall Festival on Old Campus featured cuisines from eight countries, but two of them were somewhat suspect. In addition to Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and the United States, the country of “Asia” was included. Even more puzzlingly, a tent labeled Columbia — as in the university — also infiltrated the international food festival, »