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Obama nominates two Yalies to administrative positions

In a press release Monday evening, President Barack Obama announced his intention to appoint two Yalies — Donald Virrilli Jr. ’79 and Davis S. Cohen LAW ’89 — to key administrative positions. Virrilli is being nominated to be the Solicitor General of the United States, while Cohen is being nominated to be the Under Secretary »

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Bono talks Shriver ’38 LAW ’41

U2 frontman Bono wrote an editorial in today’s New York Times of his encounters with another sort of rock star – the late Sargent Shriver ’38 LAW ’41. In the piece, Bono spells out how Shriver, “a diamond intelligence, too bright to keep in the darkness,” was an influential figure in his own personal fights »

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Sargent Shriver ’38 LAW ’41 hospitalized

Former vice-presidential nominee, Peace Corps Director, and Yale Daily News Chairman Sargent Shriver ’38 LAW ’41 was hospitalized at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda Md., on Sunday night. The 95-year-old is currently in critical condition, according to a statement by the Associated Press. Shriver was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2003, but the nature of the »

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Shhh…don’t mention WikiLeaks

If you are hoping to get a job with the State Department the near future, should you post confidential government documents on your Facebook or Twitter pages? Probably not, according to a Columbia alum at the State Department. According to an e-mail from Columbia’s Office of Career Services, the alum warned students not to flaunt »

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Election night revisited: Singing for Dan Malloy

HARTFORD –– Just past 12 p.m. on election night, hundreds of supporters of gubernatorial candidate and now Governor-Elect Dan Malloy crowded into a posh event space in Hartford, Connecticut: The Society Room. The mood was tense — the latest figures from CBS noted that Malloy was still trailing his Republican opponent Tom Foley — when »