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Kleeb loses longshot bid for Senate

By Andrew Mangino LINCOLN, Neb., 10:47 p.m. — Scott Kleeb GRD ’06, the Yale scholar turned rancher turned politician, has been defeated by former Nebraska Gov. Mike Johanns in his bid to succeed Chuck Hagel in the United States Senate, according to network projections. At the Kleeb headquarters here, the news hardly generated a buzz, »

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Gaddis: ‘It sounds kind of bleak’

By Andrew Mangino OMAHA, Neb., 1:30 p.m. — I spoke to John Lewis Gaddis, the Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military & Naval History and one of Scott Kleeb’s GRD ’06 chief inspirations for entering politics, by telephone last night. How does the so-called dean of Cold War historians, who donated several thousand dollars to »

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Kleeb: ‘Hipster’, ‘Fantastic’ or Just Anti-Comatose?

By Andrew Mangino OMAHA, Neb., 12:47 p.m. — Ryan the Angry Midget put it bluntly in his prediction post: “Democrat Scott Kleeb gets clubbed by Mike Johanns.” Just travel several miles west in the blogosphere and you’ll encounter Booman of the Booman Tribune. In his words, Kleeb is a “fantastic and attractive” candidate. “I don’t »