University | 11:43 am | January 12, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

Other new websites compile various services


Every day, in every way, Yalies are supposed to strive for the best. During shopping period that translates into a nasty twice-yearly sale, where nothing is actually on sale, especially not textbooks, and everyone is stressed because OMG we have to take the best classes! A key part of this ritual is receiving hordes of »

Culture | 2:14 pm | January 6, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

Indie artist, former Duke’s man to play Cabaret

Indie musician Holcombe Waller, a Yale alum, will play a show at the Yale Cabaret on Jan. 11.

Need your indie fix STAT when you get back to the bleak, bleak New Haven winter? You’re in luck — the Yale Cabaret will host indie musician extraordinaire and Yale alum Holcombe Waller on Jan. 11, according to a Cabaret press release. At Yale, Waller — also known as Mike Sagalowicz ’98 — was an »

Culture | 3:50 am | December 21, 2011 | By Akbar Ahmed

Did Franco GRD ’16 get an NYU professor fired?

James Franco, formerly GRD '16, will not be hosting this weekend's Academy Awards, praise heavens.

Having broken countless Eli hearts, ditched the stark beauty of New England for the oil fields of Texas and left all of us wondering where he’s been for the last five months, James Franco GRD ’16 has created yet another stir. The chronic grad student is now at the root of a lawsuit against New »

WEEKEND | 11:28 pm | December 8, 2011 | By Akbar Ahmed

Top 10 Signs You’re Losing It

Finals week is hard. Sometimes it makes Cross Campus feel like a child, lost in a circus of our discontent.

There’s more Red Bull in your blood stream than haemoglobin. You don’t want to leave your perfect study spot for fear that some scheming pre-med has been watching, waiting for you to abandon your roost so they can rip it from your claws. You stare at your laptop and wonder how it is so good »

City | 11:17 pm | December 6, 2011 | By Akbar Ahmed

Tacky Sweater Shop sells out in 36 hours

The Tacky Sweater Shop is out of sweaters, but will get a new shipment on Thursday.

Whether it’s the massive Christmas tree looming over Occupy New Haven on the Green or the dining hall decorations that offer up aesthetic delights to compensate for Yale Dining’s perpetual grossness, nothing says ‘omfgHOLIDAYZ’ quite like an ugly sweater. You know the kind. It has to feature between three and seven patterns straight from hell »