Dec 12th, 2013
5:55 pm
December 12th, 2013 | University
Faculty senate to be formed

For the first time in Yale’s 312-year history, the University will have a faculty senate.

Nov 18th, 2013
4:37 pm
November 18th, 2013 | University
Administrative cuts likely

Cuts to administrative staff are likely in the next three to five years, senior administrators told the News on Monday.

Nov 9th, 2013
5:53 pm
November 9th, 2013 | University
Divestment debate heating up

A “con” statement was submitted to the YCC’s referendum website on Friday by Students for a Strong Endowment. The group argued against using the endowment as a political instrument, which they said may establish “troubling” precedents.

Nov 7th, 2013
11:38 am
November 7th, 2013 | University
Average college endowment grows

The average college endowment grew by over 11 percent in fiscal 2013.

Oct 13th, 2013
9:10 pm
October 13th, 2013 | University
Protest on sexual misconduct at Inaugural Block Party

As attendees flooded into the Hillhouse Block Party on Sunday afternoon, they were met by protesters challenging the University’s response to sexual misconduct on campus.

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