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Med school researchers study video games, which aren’t so bad

Thanks to three researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, video game enthusiasts can now game on without worry. A Yale study published in the academic journal Pediatrics found that video games and health problems do not necessarily correlate. The study, which surveyed 4028 adolescents, reported that gaming is ‘normative’ for boys and did not »

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Yale doesn’t have a lot of CEOs

If you’re the chief executive officer of one of America’s largest companies, chances are you didn’t go to Yale. US News & World Report published a table titled “Where CEOs at America’s Largest Companies Went to College” that ranks 13 universities based on the number of degrees they awarded to the CEOs of the top »

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Commons closed, no eggs

We missed our omelets today. The Association of Yale Alumni is hosting an event in Commons, barring current students from eating there today. Commons dining hall sent out an email a little after half past ten this morning stating that the dining hall will be closed. In the email, Yale Dining apologized for the “late »

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Election night revisited: Blumenthal’s victory celebration

HARTFORD—As major networks predicted Democrat Richard Blumenthal’s LAW ’73 win in the race for Senator, the gathering in the large, chandelier-lit, third floor ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Hartford turned into a party. The three cocktail bars and gourmet salads kept Blumenthal’s guests satiated as they awaited the official announcement of victory. Right after »

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It’s a party in the FCC

Freshman Class Council is just being Miley. In an email sent out to the entire freshman class, the FCC asked their classmates to ‘get stoked for Freshman BBQ’. The e-mail also featured a link to a Youtube video that shows the elected representatives of the freshman class busting moves to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana’s “Thowdown Hoedown”. »