April 11th, 2014 | Cross Campus

Friday’s XC | 4.10

Off the Record. The Yale Record printed fake issues of the News yesterday. The lead article, titled “Campus-wide blackout hits Yale,” ran with a completely black front page photo. The issue included all joke articles such as “Three found dead,” and “Global Grounds kicked off campus,” as well as a surprisingly long list of “People Who Contribute to a Respectful and Balanced Discussion in Section.”
Chemistry and coloring. Work like a STEM major, dress like an art major. Yale Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is hosting an “Amazing Technicolor Lab Coat Contest.” Students are encouraged to decorate lab coats of any color and are even eligible to receive free lab coats from EHS.
Adding friends. The McDougal Center held “Dinner with Strangers” this week so graduate students can meet new friends and/or “people from outside [their] department.” Participants all gathered for drinks before being shuffled into groups and sent out to one of six local restaurants serving Restaurant Week menus: Caseus, Zinc, Barcelona, ROÌA, Oaxaca and Heirloom.
Star Wars. The force is with us this weekend. On Saturday, RJ Julia Booksellers is hosting members of the 501st Legion — an international group organized around wearing screen-accurate costumes of Star Wars. Stormtroopers, officers and even Darth Vader himself will be taking part in a meet and greet.
Democracy in action. Campaigns for Yale College Council will be underway for the next week. Positions up for the vote are: president, vice president, finance director, events director and the 24 residential college representatives.
The money shot. A new Twitter account has popped up publicizing the DFMOs of Brown University students. The Twitter handle @BrownMakeouts is posting photos of students kissing, usually on dark and blurry dance floors. The description reads “You may not remember, but we will never forget.”
Internment summer camp. The Harvard Crimson recently ran an editorial comparing internships to “internment.” The editorial, from the Crimson staff, argued that “unpaid internships exploit students eager to gain experience.” “Harvard should change, but more importantly, so should the myriad companies and organizations that recruit students to work for free,” the piece said.
THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1969 Nearly 300 students are arrested at a strike on Harvard’s campus. Twenty-two are hospitalized.

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