September 21st, 2011 | University

Students For An Even Better Yale flyer campus

Photo by Charlie Croom.

The mysterious Students For An Even Better Yale think they have an idea of the problems that plague this institution.

Flyers from this enigmatic and conservative group were found in Commons and an SSS lecture hall this morning.

The paper materials suggest Yale has been “overrun with international students” leading to an unfortunate denial of admission to many well-qualified Americans. Second, they claim Yale is on a path headed for socialism. Their evidence? The financial aid system enacted by the administration is clearly an example of “redistributive injustice,” the flyers state. Lastly, the organization takes issue with the administration’s recent steps to improve the sciences on campus, complaining that doing so “panders to a small group of fringe academics who insist that the entire community embrace their own ideological obsession with reason.”

Whether or not “those passionate about saving the university” will have the opportunity to join the campaign, as suggested at the bottom of the flyer, has yet to be seen. The authors have not responded to an email from the News.

It seems like a number of people are interested in making Yale “better” these days. This Tuesday three Yale students, members of an organization called “Undergraduates for a Better Yale College,” published an op-ed in the News suggesting that Sex Week at Yale should be denied University support, claiming it supports a sexual culture that “both trivializes sex and is obsessed with it.” They asked readers to visit their website,, to read the text of the petition to the Yale administration.

Update: 8:00 p.m.

In an email to the News tonight, the conservative coalition behind Students For An Even Better Yale reiterated their hope to improve the university by “expelling foreigners, eliminating financial aid, and sharply reducing funding for the sciences.” They also made sure to set themselves apart from a similarly-named student organization.

“We deeply sympathize with Undergraduates for a Better Yale College, but we don’t think they go far enough in addressing Yale’s out-of-control left-wing radicalism,” said the unnamed representatives of the group.

  • ChrisPag

    Lame parody, given how unrelated it is.

  • River_Tam

    Agree with ChrisPag (for once).

  • JanaCZ

    As Czech citizen in need of financial aid and interested in biological sciences, I certainly hope ChrisPag is right 😀

  • claypoint2

    I, for one, think that ChrisPag is wrong… if only because I hope that YDN hasn’t joined the ranks of those who confuse parody & entertainment with hard news (Stewart & Colbert aside, who manage to deliver the latter under the guise of the former).

    In short, scary post, whether it’s true or fake.

  • GloryRecapturer

    “Lame parody”, “poorly conceived joke”, or not…SfaEBY’s call-to-arms has inspired a Mad Lib contest for all your procrastination and entertainment needs. Real prize for winner. Check it out:

  • Super11

    I think SfaEBY is a funny parody but I’m confused by the YDN’s attempt at sarcasm – does the author actually think it’s a “conservative coalition”?

    (I do think the News could do with taking itself less seriously but it’s incongruous.)