August 30th, 2011 | University

Dining halls to use new, uniform china set

Photo by Sam Greenberg.

Yale Dining has replaced the custom china sets in the residential colleges with a uniform set that will be used all across campus. The new china set features white plates with an outline and a “Y” on the bottom.

The new set also has considerably fewer pieces than the old set – it includes only a big plate, a saucer, a mug and a bowl.

The new plates are bigger, and allow students to take more food without having to take a tray, according to assistant director of supply management Gerry Remer, who was in charge of ordering the new set. She added that having a single pattern is more efficient and cost-effective, whereas the old plates were more expensive and hard to custom-order.

The old plates will still be used at formal occasions in the colleges, according to Yale Dining Executive Director Rafi Taherian.

  • River Tam

    Lame. Part of the Residential Colleges uniformity efforts, I imagine.

  • Boogs

    The bigger plate part makes perfect sense if they’re going to make a serious push towards curbing tray usage. And, let’s be real, the college-specific china wasn’t that impressive. I always preferred stealing the Yale china from Commons. My mother has an entire set of plates crowning her kitchen walls. She reckons that she paid about $10,000/plate.

  • alsoanon

    but the tiny saucers were so perfect for a single slice of dining hall cake!!!! and they were CUTE.

  • River Tam

    One way to curb additional plates (and thus trays) would be to not offer items on their own individual plate – I can carry max 1 plate and 1 cup — if you offer me a delicious hamburger on its own mini-plate, I’m going to need a tray now.

  • aleksei_fyodorovich

    This is an outrage. I am deeply saddened that future Yale students will be deprived of the priceless opportunity to collect a complete dozen-piece dining set like the one I enjoy in my apartment today.

    Aleksei Fyodorovich
    Yale 2010

  • ldiot

    Don’t make the trays available.
    Give me back my cool Saybrook plate.

  • Inigo_Montoya


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