April 19th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Teaching awards announced

George Levesque, assistant dean of academic affairs, announced the six winners of Yale College’s 2011 teaching prizes to the News today. Yale College Dean Mary Miller will hold a public reception to celebrate the winners on Monday, April 25, at 5:30 pm in the Linonia and Brothers Room of Sterling Memorial Library.

Read the list of winners below.

The Sidonie Miskimin Clauss Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities:

Sun-Joo Shin, Professor of Philosophy

The Lex Hixon ’63 Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Social Sciences:

Vivek Sharma, Assistant Professor of Political Science

The Dylan Hixon ’88 Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Natural Sciences:

Dana Angluin, Professor of Computer Science

The Richard H. Brodhead ’68 Prize for Teaching Excellence by Non-Ladder Faculty:

Sybil Alexandrov, Senior Lector in Spanish

The Harwood F. Byrnes / Richard B. Sewall Teaching Prize:

This prize is given “to a ‘towering figure’ in undergraduate education…who over a long period of service has inspired a great number of students and consistently fostered the learning process both inside and outside the classroom.”

William Kelly, Sumitomo Professor of Japanese Studies & Professor of Anthropology

Sarai Ribicoff Award for the Encouragement of Teaching at Yale College:

Awarded to a junior member of the Yale College Faculty in the Humanities

Kevin Poole, Assistant Professor of Spanish