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Gentry calls for ‘civility and respect’

In a Monday e-mail to Yale College students, Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry called for “civility and respect” from all Yalies when they react to the recent Title IX complaint that was filed with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, which accused the University of fostering a hostile sexual environment.

“Whether you agree or disagree with those who have filed this complaint, please show civility and respect to every member of this community,” Gentry said.

Gentry echoed previous statements from administrators on Yale’s no-tolerance policy against harassment of any kind, emphasizing the role of individuals in preventing this type of behavior. Before sending out the e-mail, Gentry said in an interview with the News Monday that he intended to remind students to be civil as these issues are being discussed on campus.

Read the full text of Gentry’s message below:

Dear Yale College Student:

Yale is a community that embraces and indeed thrives on a wide range of ideas and points of view. The recent announcement by the Office of Civil Rights that it intends to investigate Yale for possible violation of Title IX has sparked many different reactions on our campus. Whether you agree or disagree with those who have filed this complaint, please show civility and respect to every member of this community.

As Dean Miller has previously made clear, Yale does not and will not tolerate harassing behaviors of any kind. It is as simple as that. Yale has many institutional resources in place to help ensure a safe, secure campus, but each of us has an individual role to play in preventing harassment. Whatever our personal feelings, it is up to each of us to do our part to create an environment where tolerance and respect for others are first principles. Please exercise civility in all your interactions with one another.


W. Marichal Gentry

Associate Dean of Yale College

Dean of Student Affairs

  • TowerPkwy2012

    I’m sorry but this article says next to nothing. It basically summarizes and then copy-pastes the text of the email without providing any insight into what prompted the email in the first place, because this was clearly not a “general” call for civility but seems like it was in response to a particular incident. This article contains no “news.” Sorry.

  • Ross_D

    Because everyone with the internet received the e-mall,it isn’t news.
    Because Yale College needed to remind its gathered best and brightest to behave like civilized human beings, it isn’t news.
    Because what has Yale done but tolerate harassing behaviors of any kind,” it isn’t news.
    it suggests a lack of consideration among the yale student body, but that, that isn’t news.