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McChrystal gets new gig in Obama admin, will continue to teach at Yale

Yale professor and retired four-star general Stanley McChrystal is officially working with the Obama administration once again.

The New York Times reported Sunday that McChrystal will lead an advisory board called Joining Forces. The public service program will focus on providing support for military families, according to the article, striving “to encourage companies, schools, philanthropic and religious groups and local communities to recognize the unusual stress that is endured by families of active duty personnel, reservists and veterans, and to strive to meet their needs.”

In an e-mail to the News today, McChrystal wrote: “The key here is my desire to contribute in any way I can to helping America take care of Servicemembers and their families. One measure of what kind of society we truly are is how we take care of those who serve us all — so to me that responsibility is sacred.”

McChrystal formally retired late in July from his position as commander of American forces in Afghanistan after the Rolling Stone published a profile of him in which members of his staff made disparaging remarks about U.S. government leaders. In August, he began teaching a weekly 20-person seminar entitled “Leadership” as a part of Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. McChrystal is currently teaching the course again this semester, and wrote to the News today that he finds his time teaching at Yale to be “deeply rewarding” and still intends to maintain his commitments at Yale in addition to his new role with Joining Forces, returning to teach at Yale next Fall and for at least three more years.

  • char

    As a 22 year Army spouse and enduring the countless deployments of my late husband SFC Kenneth Westbrook to many lands across this world, I know first hand the hardship and courage it takes to be a first rate patriotic military family. I also know the sacrifice and honorable commitment that goes along with being a military family in waiting… waiting for your loved one to return from yet another combat tour. This was not meant to be for our family… My husband a 22 year Army NCO with many years of combat experience did not survive his wounds he suffered while involved in an ambush on September 8, 2009 in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan that killed 4 Service Members; Marine Gunnery SGT’s Edwin Johnson and Aaron Kenefick, 1st Lieutenant Michael Johnson, and Navy Corpsman 3rd Class James Layton. Many patriotic families were affected that very sad day. These brave men who gave the ultimate sacrifice died under the watch of General McChrystal who issued the new ROE restrictions on the use of military force to reduce the risk of further alienating the population… “Tying our Warfighter’s hands behind their backs is past unsatisfactory…it’s criminal! [Colonel Wayne Morris, USMC (Ret)] He had countless brave men and women sacrifice their very safety under HIS VERY watch. Now appointing him to an advisory board to “help” military families has and will only add salt to an unbearable wound that he himself has caused! I am appalled that the Obama’s have the gall to appoint this cowardly man and spit into the faces of the Fallen Service Members who gave the ultimate sacrifice claiming to help military families. Where is the shame and outcry of this atrocity! Does he think this will help him sleep at night?

  • GuyMontag

    Just a couple weeks before the 7th anniversary on April 22nd of Pat Tillman’s 2004 friendly-fire death in Afghanistan, I’d bet the Tillman family isn’t too happy with yet another slap in their face by President Obama by his appointment of Gen. McChrystal as an advisor to “Joining Forces.” [e.g. see Mary Tillman’s foreword for her book “Boots on the Ground by Dusk” (in the preview at blurb.com) and interviews with the Tillman family in the documentary, “The Tillman Story”].

    In May 2004, it appears that Gen. McChrystal directed the writing of Pat Tillman’s fraudulent Silver Star and the cover-up of his friendly-fire death by the Ranger RGT officers . Over the next five years, the ensuing “investigations” were part of the bi-partisan whitewash which “exonerated” Gen. McChrystal and others involved of wrong-doing (see http://www.feralfirefighter.bl…)

    Ironically, although CNAS will run the “Joining Forces” program along with Michelle Obama’s White House office, their Fellow Andrew Exum contributed to McChrystal’s whitewash with his biased book review of Jon Krakauer’s “Where Men Win Glory” (the updated paperback has much more detail on McChrystal’s role than the original hardcover).

    Considering their past betrayal of the Tillman family, it appears that Gen. McChrystal and CNAS are a poor choice to run the “Joining Forces” program to take care of our military veterans.

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