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Dept. of Energy says Maine wind farms are backed by Yale

The U.S. Department of Energy confirmed Thursday in a press release that the Yale endowment has holdings in Record Hill Wind, a Roxbury, Maine-based wind farm project.

Record Hill has been connected — but never officially linked — to Yale investments in the past, with local opponents of the project criticizing the University for backing what they say will be a harmful development. The wind project has come under fire from some residents of Roxbury, who say the proposed wind turbines will negatively impact the aesthetics and peace of the region. The Record Hill Wind project passed by a narrow margin in a townspeople vote during 2009, and is slated for completion this year.

The Record Hill wind power project has been offered a conditional commitment from the Department of Energy for a $102 million loan guarantee, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced Thursday. The loan will fund a 50.6 megawatt wind power plant, eight mile transmission line, and other equipment for the project, which is developed and managed by Wagner Wind Energy of New Hampshire and Independence Wind of Maine. The wind project is expected to provide sustainable electricity power for thousands of homes in Maine, and to create 200 construction jobs.

“Yale University is pleased to participate in a project that both makes economic sense and serves the greater good by adding to the country’s stock of renewable energy sources,” Chief Investment Officer David Swensen said in a Yale press release. “Our investment in Record Hill builds on Yale’s strong commitment to the goals of reducing the University’s carbon footprint and of serving as a model of sustainability.”

  • KarenPease

    “Our investment in Record Hill builds on Yale’s strong commitment to the goals of reducing the University’s carbon footprint and of serving as a model of sustainability.”

    Sustainability? How can blasting the granite off our mountains and cutting our carbon-sequestering trees, building miles of slopeside roads in fragile terrain, and fragmenting wildlife habit, be ‘sustainable’? For an energy source which was abandoned 100 years ago for good cause? What sustains our power supply when the wind doesn’t blow? Or when it blows too strongly? What sustains our power supply when wind turbines fail in our harsh, high terrain winters? What sustains it when these multi-million dollar turbines live out their useful life in a few short years?

    Surely, Mr. Swenson is joking. Surely a university with Yale’s prestige would have taken the time to research the facts about wind energy’s negligible affects on carbon emissions. Surely Yale knows about the negative impacts of industrial wind energy facilities on Maine’s mountains. Surely, this university has studied the science and the economics of industrial wind and knows that this an energy source with benefits so paltry, they can never counter the environmental, economic, health, “quality of place” and “quality of life” impacts they create.

    Surely, Yale isn’t lining up for tax-payer subsidies, no matter what the cost to Maine, its residents and our environment?

    Surely, sacrificing Maine’s mountains won’t help Yale University reduce its carbon footprint.

    This is shameful, and I hope those in charge at Yale will think long and hard about the ramifications of this ‘investment’. Mainers– and American tax-payers– should not have to sacrifice for this ‘endowment’.

    Karen Pease
    Lexington Twp., Maine

  • PenobScot

    Everyone thought that Bernie Maddoff was the smartest guy in the room as they watched their portfolios grow under his stewardship. Similarly, everyone assumes that the Yale Endowment’s anti-gravitational powers derive from the brilliance at Yale. But you can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge a crook by his hover.

    Eventually all anti-gravity schemes come crashing down.

    What else is in your portfolio, Yale?

    Tell us everything that your shell corporation Bayroot has been involved with. We know that some of the most devasating, large clearcuts in Maine have been done behind the Bayroot curtain. Now we know for certain that it has been hypocrite Yale, just as we speculated all along. A school that boasts of being one of the planet’s great environmental stewards, hacking up and liquidating large tracts of beautiful forest just to pull “easy” money off the land.

    What other shell corporations are you hiding behind?

    You have caused great misery for many in northern New England and you have done it under the cover and protection of saving the planet, which makes it especially despicable.

  • PenobScot

    “Our investment in Record Hill builds on Yale’s strong commitment to the goals of reducing the University’s carbon footprint and of serving as a model of sustainability.” —

    Wind power is all impact and no benefit.

    We’ve used the Natural Resource Council of Maine’s own carbon avoidance and forest sequestration figures and shown how truly useless wind power is. If you carefully read the following simple presentation, entitled “Maine’s wind goals, CO2 and the Forest”, it will all become painfully clear:

  • AlanMichka

    Up here in Maine, we’ve long suspected that the Yale Endowment Fund was behind the destruction of our communities. It’s nice to finally have it out in the open. As I write this, I’m sitting next door to one of Yale’s next targets for rural industrialization and sprawl.

    How does it feel to enrich yourself at the expense of those many miles away? How many more rural communities do expect to destroy in the pursuit of return on investment? How about keeping these pointless wind turbines in your own neighborhood; ruin the lives of your own people.

    I and my neighbors have been fighting one of your projects for over a year now, trying to preserve the beauty and character of our community. Most of us have our lives and our life’s savings wrapped up in our homes and our land. All of this will be rendered worthless by Yale’s greed and self-interest.

    As for environmental benefits. Come on. There’s got to be someone bright enough on that campus to figure out that their wind projects will be worthless in making any kind of environmental gains. Yale’s Highland Plantation project application states that Yale will be blasting away over 1.5 million cubic yards of the mountaintops in our community to level the mountains for new roads and 39 turbines that will be able to provide, at most, two tenths of one percent (0.20%) of New England’s annual electricity consumption and have no measurable effect on global carbon emissions. But Yale will clean up on government pork and the financial schemes that keep this phony industry alive.

    Yes, Yale sees only an opportunity to make some easy money off of government largesse, i.e. they’re draining the life out of the American taxpayer. Their wind projects were already heavily funded with taxpayer monies before the DOE started handing out loan guarantees. Nice to know that Yale has a direct line into the American treasury.

  • jpeter

    Last winter the Town of Ira, Vermont addressed the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) opposing the construction of an 80 megawatt wind farm with as many as 33 towers, each 40 stories tall, on the ridgelines that surrounded our community (The Hills Are Alive and Profitable – Yale Daily News Magazine, February 2010). The principle landowner was Yankee Forest LLC.

    The fact that this proposal violated our Town Plan prohibiting the development of roads and structures in the mountainous and fragile areas in our Highland Conservation District seemed of little concern to Yale Endowment. Unfortunately, ACIR’s singular focus seemed to be our lack of proof of Yale Endowment’s ownership of Yankee Forest. Our citing of an article in the Maine Environmental News (Sept. 25, 2002) stating that according to federal tax records “Yankee was a for-profit subsidiary of Yale University’s endowment foundation” seemed to carry little weight.

    I think many people realize, particularly in New England, that industrial wind provides negligible benefit while destroying the environment of ridgelines and mountains that define us. The sole criteria for their construction are the guaranteed loans and grants provided by the Federal government along with rate increases imposed on users. If there was proof that these towers actually made a significant contribution to carbon reduction there would not be an argument.

    I would hope that this article finally makes clear the surreptitious nature of Yale Endowment’s use of hiding behind corporate structures to distance its liabilities from public disclosure and possible criticism. While I recognize that “Veritas” may not be part of Yale’s emblem, it would seem integral to what one believes of a higher education.

    Peter Cosgrove
    Ira, Vermont

  • DavidCorrigan

    As a Registered Maine Master Guide living alongside the large forest holdings of Bayroot/Yale, I can tell you first hand that they are anything but good stewards of the environment.

    This company has perpetrated some of the most destructive, least sustainable, forest management practices in the State of Maine, and now they are making it worse by stealing our tax dollars to enhance the destruction with the building of these massive, useless, Industrial Wind Developments.

    I have watched with sadness as the forests were clear cut, the streams muddied, the animals driven from their homes, and now I will be forced to watch what is left of Maine’s Mountains be blown up, bulldozed, and industrialized, all so that a Yale can grow richer at taxpayer expense, while continueing to hide behind the lie of ‘good stewardship.’

    It makes me sick!

    Anyone who doesn’t believe it is welcome to contact me for a personal tour of the destruction.

    Get the facts!

    David P. Corrigan
    Registered Maine Master Guide
    Concord Township, Maine

  • davmill

    Yale University needs to get its facts straight on the carbon footprint issue, on the jobs creation issue, and on the effects of these terrible projects on the pristine mountain ridges in Maine and Maine’s residents, tourism and recreational industries. How can such a prestigious university be an accomplice to such willful destruction of our environment and waste of the taxpayers’ money? I am truly appalled, but not surprised! Linda Miller

    A shining example of the affect of industrial wind on our tourism and recreational industries is the First Wind Project that will be located a few miles to the north of the internationally known and scenic Mount Desert Island, the home of Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain where they will be visible from. What a shame to mar that scenic wonder. The placement of industrial wind on over 300 miles of our mountain tops will drive away our wildlife and destroy endangered and threatened species of animals and plant life. It will destroy thousands of acres of habitat and introduce herbicides into the environment. It will impact our clean cold water sources that are so important to our unique cold water fisheries (Maine is the only state still maintaining hundreds of isolated sources of native strain brook trout in the lower U.S.). Many of our unpolluted deep water aquifers that are becoming a world wide critical commodity may be impacted. The deep bed rock blasting of the mountain tops that are one of the main sources of clean water will be disrupted and release natural toxins (mineral sulfates and sulfides and other naturally occurring minerals in Maine such as arsenic) into our water sources. Next time you buy a bottle of Poland Spring Water to drink think about that. Dave Miller

  • nightowl

    This is the epitome of NIMBYism! by Yale! If only the members of Yale’s Endowment or Board of Trustees could end up with these turbines smack in their backyard, destroying their environment…one can only hope…
    But, we are now seeing, more and more, how the wind energy proponents have had to resort to ‘undercover’ dealings and our federal tax dollars in order to fill their own pockets. What stinks about ALL commercial wind energy projects is that the few fill their wallets at the expense of the many, and no regard for the future. As we learn more about what goes into, cradle-to-grave, wind energy production, we find that they cause pollution through the mining of required elements needed for motors and the fossil-fuel heavy extraction of iron, destroy habitat and reduce natural and effective carbon sequestering capabilities, directly and indirectly impact wildlife, and ruin the lives of people who lack the resources to fight back. Putting mountain-top commercial scale wind farms in Maine is a crime – it’s not a political party issue…it’s an ethical and moral issue. Shame on you, Yale..and everyone who contributes to its Endowment.

  • WOWinNY

    I really thought the people in Yale were there for their brains, not the money. I guess I am wrong. I also thought they did research. I’ve been a patient at Yale…had high respect for them.

    Research: start here, the CO2 footprint of a wind project… yes, not what they save…what they add to the atmosphere…
    1) How much CO2 is emitted when the steel towers and other components are produced?
    2)How much CO2 is emitted to take these parts across the world by ship
    3) How much CO2 is emitted by the millions of gallons of diesel fuel used by trucks to get them to the destination
    4)How much CO2 is emitted to destroy non-renewable land to prepare a site? 1.5 million gallons was used by one trucking company to prepare the site in Clinton County New York before one turbine stood..this doesn’t include all of the smaller companies and independents.
    5) How much CO2 is emitted in producing the thousands of tons of concrete produced to pour each foundation.

    This is a partial list… do the math… the expected lifespan of a project is going down to approximately 15 years, but we are seeing projects failing long before that at present. It takes a 1.5 MW turbine producing at full capacity 7 years to recoup only the emissions from the concrete foundation…. (Tom Tanton, Institute for Energy Research at a seminar in Stafford, NY)

    Land is not renewable, CO2 is taken out of the air by the trees….oops I forgot, they had to strip the land…..

    Most passionately,

  • loaferliz

    All I can say is, please stop tearing down our mountains, forests, people’s homes, and ruining our scenery!! I point out the turbines from the top of Sugarloaf to people, and they are always surprised by the clearcut that has happened, just for these turbines. On another note, I am also not impressed with the “turbine survey men” that rudely greeted me at the top of Bigelow Mountain this last summer. After a long 3-4 hour hike, just as I summit, I have a man in my face asking me how I feel about turbines. Not only do I disagree with turbines, but now my hike has been ruined, thanks to the horrible view of turbines and the awful conversation!! WE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

  • useless

    Shame on Yale.
    Wind developers and their hedge fund investors are pocketing huge gov’t handouts from political cronies, and profiting from “green” in name only investments like Yale’s, paid with our tax dollars.
    How many homes could be weatherized or outfitted with solar with the $120 million in tax money being doled out in the form of loan gaurantees, grants and tax breaks to Yale for this inefficient, environmentally destructive scam?

    The environmental destruction resulting from the exploitation of forested mountains in exchange for a small varying amount of power, produced on average less than two days a week but no one can tell which days, and often when it’s not really needed is insane.
    Thousands of existing turbines in Europe and the US have not and will not lower emissions or replace any other generation.

    Rather than promoting this insanity I would think that Yale, would be opposing such environmentally destructive, poorly sited projects that are purely symbolic and will accomplish little other than enrich developers and their investors while raising electric rates, and ruining rural communities and the rights of people to use and enjoy their property.
    What is Yale’s position on the killing of federally protected raptors that are being killed by turbines with no penalties to wind developers?
    Is anyone at Yale aware of bat fatalities from White Noise Syndrome and the cumulative effect of thousands of giant wind turbines?
    Look past the bogus claims of developers, get the facts about this Enron scam, and stop promoting these poorly sited boondoggles.
    Would those of you at Yale responsible for this irreponsible investment buy property near or have your families live near one of these loud, strob lit industrial wind plants?
    Industrial wind development on forested ridgelines in poor, rural areas of the northeast is an economic, environmental, and social disaster.

    Rob Pforzheimer
    Sutton, VT

  • Turk

    So this confirms it. It WAS in fact Yale that put my town (IRA, VERMONT) through a year of pure hell. Nothing to be proud of Yale. We fought you like our lives depended on it. Our lives do depend on it. The 23,600 acres or contiguous forest which David Swenson is so happy to destroy is irreplaceable. The project in my town was proposed to require 13 miles of new roads in presently roadless areas. Herrick Mountain, the centerpiece of the destruction, is the main feature of our town. It’s what defines who we are. You know, we don’t have much, but we’ve got our environment. We cherish it. Folks in my town have done our homework. We have educated ourselves well beyond the “spin” from the industry member group known as the: American Wind Energy Association.

    David Swensen can feel as good as he want’s as long as he keeps his eye’s closed to what he and Yale are doing to regular people who are caught up in Yale’s sacrificial zone. Swensen only knows and cares about one thing. The endowment is going to make a load of money on the backs of the American tax and electricity ratepayer.

    The wind turbine at the other end of the following link has been shut down most of the winter. How much carbon was offset by it? None if a grid manager didn’t shut down a fossil generator somewhere when it finally started making power. Wind power is the wildly variable bonus energy on the grid. Nobody is depending on it to do any real work. A complete buildout of wind on the East Coast will drop CO2 emissions by 1 to 2 percent. Great?! No..not great…because of the high cost that is put on society in so many different ways.

    Check out this link for the heck of it:

    Students at Yale should be hiding their heads in shame as the monster known as the Yale Endowment devours the little man and his carefully choosen quality of life in the backwoods of Maine and Vermont.

    Yale…..Do you feel good about your energy usage? Are you proud of the ways the endowment has choosen to make money? Because of the sacrifice you force upon us. You shouldn’t.

    Put solar panels on top of every roof in your town then you’ll have something to feel good about. Power!…expensive?..yes…but right where it’s needed, and with no environmental impact, new roads or transmission lines. And certainly more forcastable than the wind on a remote ridge in Maine or Vermont.

    Justin Turco, Ira, Vermont

  • Undergrad

    I’m amazed that 12 people, all claiming to live in Maine, Vermont, or upstate New York, have all created accounts specifically to comment on just this article. Do that many people really read the Yale Daily News? Or do you spend all of your time writing Internet posts related to this issue?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Yale had endowment investments that were irresponsible, or downright hypocritical. But I’m not sure if this project really falls into this category. A majority of the townspeople did approve this project, and democracy works according to which side gets the most votes, not which side makes the shrillest cries of horror (just look what’s happening in Wisconsin). Tell me they were misinformed by the propaganda machine, or whatever. But I’m tired of hearing people try to cast wind energy in general as a “boondoggle” or a “scam”. It may or may not be right for northern New England, because the necessity to cut down trees is an important consideration, but there are plenty of areas in the country where that’s not an issue.

  • Despicable_Yale

    Wind Power is a farce. Yale and Bayroot are the enablers, the Snake Oil Scoundrels of the Century!
    Yale is no more than a lowly scoundrel , snake – oil salesman and environmental destroyer of Maine!
    Cut off the head of the LIE!
    The modus operandi of Big Wind is secrecy and deception. Yale is a leading complicit scoundrel in the game. This is how they have worked in Maine.
    -Infiltrate the community-Arrange financial deals, utilize lease squelch clauses and play the power structure of the town against itself, bribe, buy up, buy out.
    -Utilize the industry created Exedited Wind law to speed the process, deny basic rights and concerns like noise and legal appeal, lie about environmental destruction, view shed concerns and any economic negative facts.
    Have no cost/benefit analysis.
    Wind Power is a lie, a non-fact based fad of conniving self – promoting and subsidy sucking snake oil salesmen and some Ivy Endowment Funds like Yale’s. This is the effete academic snob contrived scam of this century!
    The slap and tickle of wind propaganda flatters the gullible, exploits the well intentioned, and nurtures the craven. It is used by scoundrels to the south, to destroy Maine’s environmental life’s blood and economy.
    It is made possible because there’s no penalty for lying in the energy marketplace. The country has evidently arrived at a point in its legal culture where no negative consequences seem to exist for making false or misleading claims to sell wind energy—the stuff dreams are made of. But industrial wind is a Bunco scheme of enormous consequence.
    And people who value intellectual honesty should not quietly be fleeced by such mendacity, even from their government or leading, lying university endowment schemes for nothing more than “Green Greed”.

    Dr. Gary Steinberg, Lincoln, Maine

  • moniqueaniel

    Yale you have become a source of social and moral and intellectual turpitude.
    You have created havoc in the entire western rural world from Europe to America in facilitating , engineering and allowing industrial wind power to plague the countryside.
    You have, for your globalistic theories and in connection with a well- orchestrated political machine herself well- funded by large corporations, laid the ground for the destruction of the European and American rural landscape and the mental anguish and physical pain to those residents living to close to the wind turbines.
    You have, using deconstructionist theories laid down originally by Jacques Derrrida, designed the last part of the universal goal of weakening of the western culture by forcing her to use non -competetive sources of electricity .
    Your hate toward America is exposing itself by finally participating in the scheme of destroying its natural heritage and abusing the residents living close by or making a living from that natural heritage.
    Projects like Record Hill only need a guaranteed loan if the commercial market believes that the borrower is a bad risk. How could the Yale Endowment Fund be considered a bad risk? Why do the US Taxpayers need to collateralize the Yale Endowment Fund’s investments?
    The Record Hill project has been appealed by courageous and outraged citizens both in front of the Maine BEP and the Law Court, obvious weaknesses and inaccuracies have been found concerning the financial capacity (no permit should have issued without evidence of financial capacity), decommissioning (no money up front means no money later one when the LLC quietly folds its tent and vacates the project) and noise related problems, which the industry and the government scandalously continue to disregard, heaping more abuse on the citizenry.

    Yet like a predator watching its prey with a cannon , your are , you the belly of democratic principles watching with a cannon a group of country folks fighting with a few stones and arrows given to them by a corrup law called LD2283 ( 2 appeals allowed and then you are out folks ) .
    But do know that many of us have figured you out for quite awhile now ,and we are not finished with you .
    Monique Aniel MD
    Co Chair of the Citizens Task Force on Wind Power

    I hope the rural folks will rise up against this dictatorial abuse.

    Monique Aniel MD
    co chair of the CTFWP

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    If only we could harness the wind from these interminable comments!

  • EdBuzzell

    Yes! I guess I am a new account too but I do not hide behind an alias.You out you might want to expect many more new accounts since the truth is now out.. My non-posted 80 acres of land borders Bay Root land in The Forks Maine. Always wondered what collection of irresponsible land owners or collection of irresponsible people that own Bay Root property are. If anyone wants I’ll show them the tremendous over-cutting, 4 foot high stumps, cut out deer/animal habituation, and totally messed up clear cuts. The people who own this land only care about money that is very obvious. I hear that Yale has a model forest managed the way a forest should be in Connecticut. They want to show it to everyone as the way a forest should be managed. Is this just another way of deceiving the public? It is up to Yale and other leaders to show the way not exploit it for just their own short term interests. Will it be a good thing to say in the future, I went to Yale, the university that destroyed the mountains and wilderness under the false pretense of protecting it?? Bay Root / Wagnor alias Yale in my neck of the woods are not good stewards of the land. Good stewards of the land do not need to hide behind fake names, only criminals do. Its not to late to turn this around, A prestigious university like Yale should not have to hide their actions. Please take responsibility as you teach your students to do. Stop the rape of the woods and become the leader you claim to be. If anyone thinks 40 story lighted towers all over the Maine mountains is a good idea, shame on you. When this is allowed to happen you will lose the special beauty and wild that will never be replaced. Maine and other wilderness areas will no longer be a place to get away from the urban sprawl. I promise if you truly do think long term, the payoff in the future will be enormous to both Yale and future generations. Ed Buzzell, PO Box 111, West Forks Maine 04929

  • BradBlake

    FreddyHoneychurch, that kind of comment shows ignorance and intolerance unbecoming of someone attending one of the nation’s finest universities. To undergrad, if we who are affected by the ramifications of wind power do not speak out, how will people at Yale know that there is bad investment policy being made? Yale undergrads are a generation that has grown up under a relentless PR campaign by Big Wind. We are here to tell you Big Wind is a Big Lie. You are in the world of academia, where your focus should be raising questions, debating, and seeking the truth. As the generation that will spend its earning years paying down $14 trillion national debt, does it makes sense to have the government increase that debt to subsidize wind power that doesn’t work? There isn’t an economist anywhere that would say this is a cost effective investment in an unpredictable, unreliable source of electricity. In December, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial saying that ethanol and wind did not work and should not be subsidized.

    Furthermore, people in places like Yale should do their diligence in research before jumping on the wind bandwagon. Realize that for the “feel good” bragging rights about your campus’ carbon neutrality, you are supporting devastation of northern New England ridges and mountains, particularly in Maine where there is more access to mountains because they aren’t protected by national forest. With the end of Spring semester and the school year looming, I encourage Yale students to plan a trip to Maine and hike these lands that are threatened with destruction. Come to Lincoln, Maine or Sheffield, Vermont to see sprawling industrial wind sites being built for First Wind. If you do, be sure to contact the local opponents of these projects and you will get an entirely different view of wind. Meanwhile, I invite you to explore this issue by visiting sites like Read the content of the blogs for the local view and view the photos. Specifically for photos of the area around the Record Will Wind site, go to:

    Brad Blake
    Cape Elizabeth and Lincoln, Maine

  • 201Y1

    This is hysterical. Thanks for making my day.

  • FreddyHoneychurch


    Oh!, I’m not ignorant! I didn’t *really* think it might be possible to harvest wind power from these interminable comments; I was just trying to be funny.

  • AlanMichka

    To Undergrad,

    Actually I DID create an account this morning. I’m presently sitting in my house looking at the mountains a short distance away that will soon be lined with 39 of Yale’s federal subsidy-collecting wind turbines. My property abuts Bayroot LLC, oh, sorry, Yale Endowment Fund land. Many of the people posting on this site are my friends and my neighbors who place great value on the character and quality of our part of rural Maine.

    You’re right that there are far better suited places to put a wind turbine. For instance, a cornfield in Iowa might not be a bad place to start. At least when the jury comes back and wind turbines are no longer all the rage among those of you who don’t have to live with them, they can be removed and the spot replanted with corn the following week. The millions of cubic yards of mountaintop that Yale is planning to blast away from the mountains at which I am looking, will never be put back in place.

    Perhaps you can be part of a wiser use of resources and suggest to your University that they no longer degrade Maine’s landscape and the lives of those who live upon it, simply so they can create wealth and pretend to be good environmental stewards.

    Alan Michka
    Lexington, ME (next door to Yale’s plan for mountaintop defilement in Highland Plantation, ME)

  • mainer4maine

    It is typical that the anti-wind people are armed with facts. They can show you scientific data and other evidence to back up what they say.
    It is also typical that proponents of industrial wind development counter those facts with personal attacks.
    I expected more from Yale students.

  • HeidiEmery

    I have heard many times from people who have visited Maine that it is so beautiful and so untouched. The people who come to “vacationland” to taste “the way life should be” come away with admiration of our beautiful state. Some states have amusement parks and zoos to bring tourists to them, but we have our beautiful, natural mountains and gorgeous, rugged coast. We have the best of two worlds and have made a living by sharing it with people who live afar. I feel blessed to live here and long to stay until the day I die. But, our paradise is under attack!
    Maine has a plague growing bigger every day. It’s an industrial plague. I’ve seen mountains blasted and stripped and transformed into platforms for 400+ feet tall metal giants to tower over what used to be brooks, streams, mountain wildlife, and green. And it’s all done in the name of GREEN ENERGY! The people responsible for this plague hide behind lies. We’ve been told for years that we must do something to save our world, and people are eager to do that, so they believe the lies that the wind industry tell.
    I was on one of Highland’s mountains on snowmobile last week trying to catch a good look at the Northen Lights, but slightly to the left were the red, blinking lights from the Kibby Mountain wind project distracting me. Our beautiful night sky is becoming just a memory. You expect red, blinking lights in cities or even bigger towns, but not in the middle of a wild, natural place like this. We need to protect what we have left, not let greed devour it all up.
    I live in a valley a little over a mile away from the sites proposed in Highland Plantation.From the research I have found, me and my family are going to suffer. I have 6 kids still at home, one of those kids has Asperger’s and his senses seem heightened, so I truly believe he will be miserable here. I have Meneire’s, an inner ear problem, and research shows me that I will be miserable as well. The truth about the health problems industrial wind turbines cause is disturbing. I have spoken to people who live near industrial wind turbines and have been told of the many medications they have to take to try and tolerate living in the home that used to be their paradise and how they have to watch their children suffer as well.
    I don’t want to sell, but even if I tried, no one wants to buy a house where they have to travel 30 minutes to get groceries and have a home where it feels like they are living in a wind farm, blinking red lights and all. Who wants to buy that? And, all my money is invested in my home, so I feel like I’m losing everything. But I’m sure Yale doesn’t care about the colateral damage. Just like the wind industry, it doesn’t care about the environmnet, the people, the land, the wildlife. All they care about is money, power, and greed.

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    Great. We’re convinced. Coal power is the way to go.

  • EdBuzzell

    40 story Wind towers, not just in my backyard but all our backyards, just because Yale can do it don’t mean they should do it. If you look at a satellite map of the United States, Northwestern Maine is one of two areas that remain dark wilderness. The only other place left unlighted is the upper Nevada region where they tested the Atomic Bombs.. Yale has a social and moral obligation as land owner and institute of higher learning to protect one of the last surviving wilderness areas in the lower 48. This is a one time opportunity for Yale to show that it truly is the leader in higher thinking that it claims to be. The window on this opportunity is closing fast, a matter of months, not years remain. We all will benefit from having one of the last assessable woods in the continental U.S. remain wild. in all our backyards.

  • mainer4maine

    Are you a student? You sound just like some of the wind shills who’s job is hanging around making disparaging remarks.
    Actually, hydro power is the best fit for Maine. We have lots of it and there is very good fish ladder technology that gets around the problems that we experienced in the past. Unlike wind, though the flow may slow when it is dry, our rivers are quite constant. The wind can die down at any time. It can also blow too hard. Conventional power plants have to stay on line, running at all times, to be there when the wind inevitably changes. that is not the case with hydro. It is predictable when water levels decrease. Therefore, the coal plants do not need to be churning out CO2 when hydro is being utilized. They can never shut down when backing up wind power. They just continue spewing dust. Coal dust that spreads over the Yale campus, like it does over Maine, creating acidic lakes and streams. Not very smart.

  • Despicable_Yale
  • Turk

    Freddy Honey Church if I thought your name was David Swenson I’d be pretty disappointed. But not too surprised I guess.

    Where I live, it’s usually the developers and their prowind politician friends who post in favor of developing the Green Mountains with industrial scale wind.

    I will say one thing….I think this guy freddyhoneychurch is real. He has been taught to believe the line that wind developers are selling since the first day of kindergarden. What he wasn’t taught is that there are alternatives to this destruction.

    Solar can be placed right were it is needed and doesn’t affect anyone except the person who builds it. Combined Cycle Biomass can be sustainably done. Landfill gas is another great baseload powersource. Cowpower..baseload also. Expensive, but pretty cool. Run of River Hydro…Vermont supposedly has 1,000 old dams that could be put into use. That too is baseload power that you can count on. You know when the river is going to be available. Maybe Geothermal somewhere. It does make a huge supply of baseload power. If I had to be sacrificed at least something could come from it. But I’ll tell you for the measly amount of highly variable and unreliable, Non baseload power that comes from wind. Absolutely not.

  • Despicable_Yale

    Freddy , ever hear of a slide rule and 1+2=3?
    Renewables simply cannot overcome physics and economics. Promoters of renewables argue that we should replace high-power-density sources—that generally means hydrocarbons—that are dispatchable, reliable and low cost with low-power-density sources that are not dispatchable, incurably intermittent and high cost. And in their futile attempts, they demand subsidies.
    The best way to decarbonise the global economy in the near term is with cheap, low-carbon fuels, and thanks to the plenitude of methane, that is possible—without massive subsidies.
    Many countries have had major gas finds in recent years. Israel discovered some 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas—the energy equivalent of about 4 billion barrels of oil. It will use that gas to replace most, if not all, of its coal-fired power plants.
    Basic physics and simple maths show why renewables are not viable on a large scale. And given that biofuels and wind energy are the renewable darlings of the moment, let’s look at how they might work in a country like Israel.
    Israel has a land area of about 22,000 square kilometres. A big user of electricity, it has about 11 gigawatts of electric generating capacity. Let’s assume the Israelis wanted to use biofuels or wind to meet half (5.5 gigawatts) of their electricity needs. Those two sources can each produce about 1 watt per square metre of land. (These are commonly accepted power density numbers. For instance, see the work by Vaclav Smil.)
    Producing the desired 5.5 billion watts of renewable power would therefore require 5.5 billion sq. m, (5,500 sq. km)—about one-fourth of Israel’s land—to be used for nothing but fuel crops or turbines. And that assumes Israel gets enough rain for the biofuels (no droughts allowed) and/or enough wind (no calm days allowed). And remember, we have not mentioned Israel’s need for transport fuels. If renewables are to gain market share, they must rely on natural-gas-fired power plants unless or until ultra-cheap energy storage becomes available.
    Energy storage has long been renewables’ Holy Grail. And in the two centuries since Alessandro Volta invented the first battery, inventors have been trying to develop reliable, cheap, high-capacity batteries that can work at the grid level. They have largely failed. With the exception of geothermal, renewables cannot produce baseload power or be dispatched. That means their value is far lower than that of conventional sources. (See this recent study by MIT economist Paul Joskow.)
    Yale children, get out the old slide rule and abacus, they will serve you better in any argument concerning the facts of Wind Power. You see, you don’t need a Watson Supercomputer to do the basic math concerning the farce of wind. It is not about power, it is about your endowment fraud and your intellectually deficient math AND SCIENTIFICALLY challeneged “Greenies”.

  • FreddyHoneychurch


  • SallyW

    First, my hat is off to the ‘Yale Student’ who objected to hearing original source material! What about Lux et Veritas?
    Many at Yale may not know what is involved in this supposedly “green” industry. For instance, you might not realize that power companies are also construction companies. Therefore the more difficult or distant the project the better, really, because they get paid more to do it: the usual cost/benefit analysis stuff doesn’t apply. And these projects are HUGE, with mountaintop removal , roads and high tension powerlines into former wilderness, massive amounts of fossil fuel and cement (both big polluters) used in construction. None of this is even remotely “green”. Incidentally, how many of you realize the size of the wind towers? How many buildings are there around you that are as high: 400 feet?
    After we pay the companies to build these things they get to take ownership and sell us the power, a very sweet deal indeed- and incidentally the power isn’t intended for us up here in Maine. They build them here because they figure they can get away with it: the power is intended to sell to you. Not that your power companies want to buy it, because it’s erratic and expensive. They buy it because laws were passed forcing them to. Environmentally it’s a nightmare.
    Part of the environmental nightmare is the effect on wildlife. Some Yalies may have plug-in devices in their houses to repel mice using sound that the mice object to. Windmills do this too.
    They also kill huge numbers of birds, and we can ill afford to lose any more given the severe pressure many populations are under from everything from domestic cats to climate change. Those Yalies who read the Journal of Wildlife Management will know that at least one study has shown bird strikes to be about sixty times higher than wind industry estimates (which were already unacceptable). Bats are also at risk, and many of our bat populations are already severely endangered. The Audubon Society asked for a three-year moratorium on industrial wind farms but this seems to have been ignored.
    Green energy is one of the most critical issues of our time, and time is what we don’t have. We are in a crisis situation with our economy teetering on the oil-supply brink, and our climate in free-fall as well. We have no wiggle room for getting this wrong, and industrial wind power does not compute. Green energy is Small and Local. Those people who suggested solar panels on the roofs of Boston are dead right- and the panels would produce more energy. What they won’t produce is the hogs-at-the-public-slop-bucket profits to the big corporations, in which I fear I must include Yale. Sally McGuire

  • bionized1

    I did not know Yale was involved in the Mafia, although I do know their involvement with skull and bones.
    and in relation to Bohemian Grove.In relation to standardize the one world government, to manipulate the people in believing in this carbon problem agenda. Making people think that we can make a difference to save our planet with windmills..This is just a way to condition the people for the next agenda in this plan, for the new carbon tax. This carbon tax will be used to fund the new world order Government. Hegelian Dialectic is how all this is put into a plan.Some of us can see what your all up to.
    In the very end you will loose. And if I’m given the chance to vote against this SCAM ..I will.
    Signed by a patriot for the innocent/ mislead people of the USA and World..

  • AlanMichka

    Freddy Honeychurch said: “Great. We’re convinced. Coal power is the way to go.”

    Freddy Honeychurch,

    You’re right on cue. Your statement is the same one I’ve heard repeatedly in the 18 months I have been fighting to help save my community from the Yale Endowment Fund. It’s a short snippy little retort that satisfies the speaker’s desire to put us NIMBYs in our place, but unfortunately for the speaker, also reveals their lack of any understanding of the realities of electricity generation and distribution. Wind generated electricity has virtually no capacity, whatsoever, to replace baseload suppliers such as coal. It doesn’t mean that burning coal is a good thing. It’s just that wind power’s not going to displace any meaningful amount of coal as a source of electricity. In New England, grid operator, ISO-NE, even revealed last year that wind power WILL NOT displace any of the small portion of coal-fired generation that it uses.

    If you’re honest and familiarize yourself with the facts, rather than recite the dogma, you’ll understand what you’re not understanding. But, this is a distraction.

    The real story here is that the Yale Endowment Fund is ruining peoples’ lives for their own gain as we speak. There are people all over Maine trying to protect their communities from Yale’s ambivalent assault on Maine’s best assets. A number of Maine’s towns have effectively passed moratoria and/or siting ordinances that have kept opportunists like the Yale Endowment Fund at bay. There are currently 15 or more bills working their way through the Maine state legislature that were designed to protect the people of rural Maine from the likes of Bayroot LLC and the other shell companies that Yale has been hiding behind for years.

    Yale students, alumni, and employees should be ashamed of what the school is doing and express their dismay that this superficially “environmentally friendly” school is a closet environmental exploiter, blasting away at the mountains in the largest tract of undeveloped forest in the northeast.

    Alan Michka
    Lexington, ME

  • KateHat1

    The founders of Yale University are turning over in their graves. What a scam!

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    Seems like we must choose between screed and fracking.

  • SallyW

    Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said “You can always trust the Americans to do the right thing after they have exhausted every other option”? If so, if our only choice is to ruin every single thing we have then yes, we do have to completely destroy the Maine woods, ANWR, the Gulf, and all the parts of the country being devastated by fracking- oh and the Canadian wilderness with the Godawful oil-shale stuff (and the dams to support it), and all the wars over oil, and on, and on. Sooner or later we’ll run out of stuff to ruin and then we’ll learn to do it right. We’ll insulate, and put up solar panels, and learn to conserve. It’s amazing what you can do with no other options, that you could perfectly well have done in the first place.

  • Ecologist

    I feel for the people affected by this project but at the same time I am afraid their many comments do constitute NIMBYism. The project was approved by a vote of local residents not people at Yale.

    The fact is that the energy alternatives mentioned all have serious costs. They may be distributed differently and some may be more visible than others, but energy generation is never free or easy.

    Hydro takes a terrible toll on many species that depend on rivers including species which once supported livelihoods in Maine. We may have gotten used to these costs but they are still real. The costs of natural gas extraction are just beginning to be realized even as it is touted as a ‘clean green’ energy source.

    Wind is becoming a significant part of the power generation spectrum across Europe and it is growing fast in the U.S. Just one example: 10% of the power on Maui is coming from wind. more turbines are planned. Maui is similar to Maine in that the economy depends to a significant extent on tourism and the natural environment is a big part of the attraction. Hawaiians are making a bet that it is better to make power from wind than to keep importing to diesel to burn up in their power plants.

    I watched the Carter era projects where the term boondoggle was much more appropriate. It is different this time. Wind will never provide a huge fraction of power in the U.S. but it will be, just as nuclear will be, a significant component of energy generation.

    The folks denigrating people at Yale for not being thoughtful about such projects are missing the mark by a mile. There are many people here who are working on energy futures. It may be easier to be clear eyed when there isn’t a project going up next door but there are few forms of generation that people will welcome into their neighborhoods and we all use energy. I am sure if a favorite stream or river was being dammed the invective would be about the same.

  • davmill

    You miss an important point or two.

    Maine doesn’t need the power.
    It all goes out of state or country.

    The turbines cause human health issues.
    Those other places have a greatly higher population.

    It is not cost effective nor does it reduce fossil fuel consumption.
    If it was it would be built and funded by corporations and investors, not our tax dollars.

    I can keep making points, but it is properly useless.

  • SallyW

    I am well aware that there are good people at Yale; I’m married to one and know a lot of others. — “Davmill’ is right: if the wind farms made economic sense, we would not be funding them with tax dollars. And we wouldn’t be passing laws trying to force power companies to buy the power, either! — But if you do think that they are a fine idea, by all means build them in your own backyard. That would save some enormous costs: actual costs to taxpayers to build them, pollution costs of mountaintop removal etc, and all the high-voltage transmission lines that will have to be built: that’s a big cost right there, in money and to the environment. — As for NIMBYism, I used to worry about that too. Then I realized that if I didn’t worry about my own backyard, how can I ask anyone else to? These are all very big, very important issues, and we all need to worry about all of them, and expecially we need to dump the ones that MOST make no sense at all, and that definitely includes making Maine’s woods into an industrial wasteland.

  • Despicable_Yale

    Scientifically and mathematically challenged folks like *Ecologist* are really non-convincible based on the aforementioned facts stated here. They are “intellectual anorexics”. The facts can be fed them continually, but without doing the math and science, their dreams dominate. That is the problem with wind, the numbers don’t add up and never will, the science is absent and the economics have been proven absurd; but it is subsidized heavily by this administration. For the open minded and those capable of high school math and science, please read Robert Bryce’s book, “Power Hungry”. The above cogent anti -wind arguments are not just nimby based (so what if they where, Paul Revere was a Nimby), but they are logical and scientifically based. That may be too much for many in this 21st century faddist America at this moment. More economic pain may be needed before this nonsense is stopped. We will not be capable to fund these blow toys and dream schemes forever.
    The wind power scam and fad will be stopped eventually by cost, science and real math, not by the AWEA’s billion dollar lobby nor shills of that industry that present here, nor the dreamy eyed endowments of over-rated ivy’s . Also, as the stock market issues like First Wind tank, and as the world markets assimilate the scam and go for real base load power, the wind investors and the industry will meet their timely demise.
    Significant economic and environmental damage is being done by intermittent power source patronage, versus base load realities that should be funded. Natural gas to Nuclear will be the logical solution in our future. **The math, science and economics that will kill wind will prevail, hopefully sooner rather than later.**

  • Ecologist

    @ Despicable_Yale

    Many public utilities were subsidized in their early history. Read about sewers as one example.

    Wind will become cost competitive in many places in the future. That is not a dream and it isn’t even what I want to happen. It is a fact. It is definitely harder to say where it will become cost competitive. That’s because neither you nor I can predict what will happen with the alternatives. If the natural gas under the Appalachians can be harvested safely, you may be right – wind may not be able to compete in the northeast. But if the environmental costs are deemed to be too great then I am likely to be right. And before you spit more venom at me, think about what it would be like to have a bunch of gas wells all over the Northern Forest.

    In the long haul, petro based alternatives are going to become more expensive. We are going to see $4 a gallon gas here pretty soon. Will it go back down again? If you knew the answer to that for sure you should be playing oil futures on the market instead of hanging out on a University news site.

    Read your post again and ask yourself whether others reading it will find you to be open minded. You won’t convince people outside of your backyard by being pissed off at them.

  • BobGoldman

    To the Yale community:
    My uncle was a doctor at Yale New Haven Hospital many, many years ago. I have lived in Maine for almost eleven years and love this state’s natural beauty. My uncle, Dr. Fred Zaff was a sharp guy and did his homework, as any good doctor does. Many of you there at Yale did not do your homework regarding placing massive industrial wind turbines atop fragile, heavily forested mountains. Industrial wind turbines are massive and terribly destructive when they are placed where they do not belong. Maine’s mountains, rural communities, forest ecology and wildlife are precious to many of us here in Maine and to many folks who visit this state for spiritual renewal and to get away from over developed places. Turning the Maine mountains into an industrial zone is a terrible thing to do. And if you did your research, you’d discover what many of us already have: industrial wind does not deliver what it promises. It is inconsistent and unreliable, does not reduce carbon emissions, does not result in fossil fuel plants being taken off line and is basically just another big corporate scam perpetrated against regular citizens, in this case with massive taxpayer subsidies. We here in Maine are paying for this corporate assault on our mountains, rural communities and mountain ecology, with both our quality of life under assault and our money going to pay for this assault. We love our mountains as they are. Please stop before Maine is turned into an industrial zone, for nothing, for a lie. Do the research now and then please stop this assault on Maine and our mountains.

  • SallyW

    “Ecologist” is quite right, a lack of civility does not help– except that as one reads the earlier posts one can’t avoid realizing the passion of the people who are impacted by this insult to the places we love. But unfortunately he is quite wrong to be contrasting windpower to no power, and concluding that industrial wind “farms” in the Maine woods are better than nothing. Or that it could be worse, we could live in Tennesee! In fact there are quite a few sources of energy these days that are worse than nothing, or as near as makes no difference: the Alberta tar sands are a shining example of this sort of thing, and biofuels are a huge disaster (especially with the world food supply in various crises)- these, with building wind farms far off in the mountains of Maine, are all things that don’t produce enough energy to offset the energy cost of production, let alone the environmental costs. But there ARE sources of renewable energy that do compute: tidal energy for instance, and solar. And as I said in an earlier post, we don’t have time and certainly don’t have the money to get this wrong. And I am sure that there are plenty of good minds at Yale who could be pushing this.

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