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More on Franco’s GRD ’16 tweet

Yes, you’ve heard. James Franco GRD ’16 tweeted about us. He linked to a photo of himself on his WhoSay with “F— the Yale Daily News” scrawled across his face. Commenters on Franco’s post pointed to our writer Cokey Cohen’s blog post and Cohen herself has responded. But the commenters also said some other things (one posted the poem “Mutability”). Here’s a sampling in no particular order:

1) You need to stop using paint dude..


2) I just read the article about how you badly tweet…All I can say is if they dont like it they dont have to follow you very simplle. There is no need for an article about it my god dont people have better things to do than critizing your tweetings.

3) Yale Daily News can see this photo and die inside.

But then again…they aren’t cool enough to read what’s on this photo because IT IS TOO COOL FOR THEIR COMPREHENSION.


4) I work for a private daycare/kindergarten for the yale community…and some of the students who come to observe for classes are so odd…not to mention the ones that frequent the new haven bars can be so pretentious…

5) James Franco is Superman. I guess some of the Yalies don’t know what to make of a man who has a brain, talent and can fill out ballet tights so well. You look very fierce in that f-u photo too. :)

6) y u no marry me

  • ByZaika

    y u no marry her/him, James?

  • kcijones001

    cokey. hehe. Cokey is obsessed.

  • ByZaika

    ^^^ agree!

  • elijah

    You guys, let’s all cream ourselves over the tweets of every single Yale student that someone outside of Yale campus knows.

    Jesus. Who the hell cares about James Franco’s tweets? Only the YDN.

  • kcijones001

    I dont know why you Yalies are hating on JF. Has he actually done anything to distract you from getting your geek on? Seems you guys are the ones who are distracting him. Let him be.

  • ByZaika

    it’s more jealousy than hate

  • kcijones001

    Oh and I hope he “paints” ALLLLL OVER your little forum parades…..

  • ByZaika

    ^^^ he is just mature enough to pull that off

  • dfsdfs

    he had to be at class like the rest of us. if any of us had the opportunity to host the oscars, i bet almost all of you would have just skipped classes for the week and be like ‘f— it! i’m gonna be on tv.’ honestly, i applaud him for being dedicated to his studies. quit the hatin’ and be supportive of your fellow yalies.

  • Crandall


    Wait…wait, wait, wait… Writing a quick tongue-in-cheek article playfully admonishing a celebrity student is an act of sedition against school spirit, but posting a tweet saying “F– Yale” (more or less), which has now opened up both Cokey and the Yale Daily News, to all these…ardent fans is good-old-fashion school spirit?! Whatever you want to say of Franco’s response, I think the [celebrity] doth protest too much…he could have kept it quite a bit more classy.

  • ByZaika

    wasn’t it highly disrespectful to the rest of the community to behave that way on stage?

  • kcijones001

    @Crandall, Oh please…If he weren’t a celebrity you wouldnt give a $hit nor would I.
    @ByZaika, you ‘re kidding me, right? Are you talking about the Oscars? Disrespectful? What did he do on stage that was so “disrespectful to the community?!”

  • ByZaika

    ^^^have you even watched it, Crandall?

  • Crandall

    @kcjones: …The whole point is that he IS a celebrity. His “Eff you” carries weight in our star-obsessed culture.

    @ByZaika I think you were addressing KCJones…

  • kcijones001

    Of course I saw the Oscars. He fubbed up. He was nervous. He played it too cool. He didnt’t deliver a Billy Crystal like stellar performance. Who could. I dont think “disrespecting the community” are in any way the words that should be used to describe his hosting gig. Come on now…

  • Crandall


    Not that I think think his performance was so bad it was disrespectful, but the point is that Billy Crystal CAN deliver a Billy Crystal spectacular performance. It can be done.

  • kcijones001

    Of course, but not by just anyone! Billy Crystal can improv his way out of a $hitty script..That’s what he does..He’s a comedian….James Franco isn’t a comedian (albeit funny, but not a comedian). I am SURE the academy was well aware of this when they chose their hosts. Writers are to blame here as well.

  • Crandall

    I’ll agree the writers are to blame as well. But I think the performance was the end of the “James Franco can do anything” era. Probably a good thing for him…at his current pace (if the accounts are all true) he was probably going to burn out in a much worse way than a bad Oscar night.

  • kcijones001

    Thing is, I think his real passion lies outside of acting on the big screen so I’m sure he’ll be just fine with that; however, he’s a great actor.

  • ByZaika

    @ Crandall – oops

    @ kcijones….the point is he didn’t even try. no matter what material one is given it’s up to them to deliver in the finest way possible.

  • kcijones001

    You dont know that. He could have been nervous. We could debate all day. Lets just squash it because I will forever defend him.

  • ByZaika

    ^^^ your loyalty is admirable….not!

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