January 31st, 2011 | Uncategorized

MAGAZINE | Twin coincidences

Seems like Yale is a smaller world than I ever thought! For the February issue of the Yale Daily News Magazine I’m writing about Yalies whose twins go to other schools. One of the twins that I interviewed, Katie White ’13, had an interesting run-in with a fellow half-of-a-pair.

During her freshman year, Katie wore a t-shirt with the words Claremont McKenna, the college attended by her twin, to Commons. A fellow student approached her and asked if she knew someone who attended Claremont McKenna. When she said yes, her twin, the student proceeded to tell her that he was also a freshman with a twin at CM! Talk about a bizarre coincidence.

In other interesting twin news, one of the girls that I talked to, Elena Light ’13, mentioned that her mom encouraged her and her twin to apply to different schools after reading an article in USA Today. The article, “College Choice is Twin Dilemma,” says that colleges are more likely to give the same admissions answer to both applicants. Some schools incentivize twins to come to the same school by providing scholarships specifically for twins! I wonder if Yale would ever go that far…