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A Chipotle for New Haven?

Culinary salvation might be nigh for New Haven residents — in the form of a Chipotle Mexican Grill.

In an e-mail to a student passed on to the News, Chipotle founder and CEO Steven Ells said the Mexican restaurant chain was looking for sites in New Haven for a potential opening in 2012. The student, who asked to have his name withheld, had offered to help open a Chipotle store in the city to meet strong student demand, though Ells replied that his company did not franchise.

Unsurprisingly, students welcomed the news. Twenty students told about the possible Chipotle opening said unanimously they would definitely visit if and when it opens.

“I think Chipotle is one of the utilities New Haven has been missing over the years,” said Alan Sage ’14. “Along with a store, Chipotle will help turn New Haven into a world-class city.”

Even the operator of a local burrito cart packing up on the corner of Elm St. and York St., who declined to give his name, said Chipotle would be a “cool” addition to New Haven.

Jeannine McMillan, owner of Moe’s Southwest Grill on Whitney Av., which offers very similar menu options to Chipotle, said any restaurant, not just one with similar food offerings, is considered competition, adding that competition is healthy.

“And at Moe’s we always give our chips and salsa away free — something Chipotle doesn’t do,” she said.

Chipotle currently has over 1000 stores in the United States, Canada and England.

  • lalocruz


  • supportlocal

    New Haven already has plenty of Mexican food that is cheap and delicious- La Cocinita (!!!), The Burrito Man, and a little farther there’s Guadalupe la Poblanita and in the other direction Mezcal. No need for more chains! Granted, Chipotle is delicious, but it’s nothing compared to these local establishments.

  • Goldie08

    I always liked bulldog burrito

  • aluminterviewer

    “Chipotle will help turn New Haven into a world-class city.”

    And just to think … all it took was another fast food joint.

  • Smoker

    I wanted to open a Chipotle in New Haven, it’s an obvious move but it’s sucks that they don’t franchise. Bulldog burrito is crap. Also I wouldn’t label chipotle as a fast food joint since they are dedicated to using organic products and naturally raised meat.

    Did you guys know that chipotle stock started 2010 at 100 $ and is now at 220$. Whoever said investing isn’t easy…

    I wouldn’t invest now due to saturation limits on growth(think starbucks) and rising food prices will likely cut into margins for the foreseeable future.

    Shout out to the high flyers this Chipotle is for you


  • Goldie08

    Their PE ratio is astronomical and they’re valued at like 30x book value. Their high stock price is indefensible and will come down. That’s not to say the company does not have a great business model and will continue to be successful – I would just recommend you sell that stock now if you own any.

    I am aware they use natural ingredients, however one burrito has something like 1200 calories.

    Has anyone ever had Umami Burger? Making waves out in LA, and the owner wants to expand along the lines of a chipotle style growth initiative. Fresh ingredients, cheap prices (for what you get), innovative flavors and craft brew on tap. Smoker, I guarantee you’d love the Umami Burger.

  • Smoker

    Goldie- I never started a position since I was in school and don’t usually watch the market too much when I’m studying. I was just saying that when it was priced at 80$ it would have been a clear buy and i agree it will come down as soon as expansion opportunities exhaust and rising food prices take its toll.

    I have tried the umami burger. It was dopee.

  • charlesgyer

    “And at Moe’s we always give our chips and salsa away free — something Chipotle doesn’t do,”


  • ShaveTheWhales

    Moe’s sucks ass. So does Bulldog Burrito.

    The ‘Mexican’ joints on campus are really Dominican/Puerto Rican. Take it from a Mexican from California.

    Chipotle is going to be FETCH.